Lord Buddha Head (Small)

Lord Buddha Head (Small)

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Material Used: Polyresin

Made In India

This is the face of Lord Buddha. It is believed that when Lord Buddha sat under the Bodhi Tree to meditate and gain utmost enlightenment, his face emitted a very pleasant aura of positivity, hope, knowledge depth and calmness. There used to be pilgrims and Lord Buddha’s followers who used to visit Lord Buddha daily to gain a glimpse of their Lord while in deep meditation to find a path for curing the worldly pains. There are many incidents where some artisans tried to capture the positivity and the incidents as a proof of what they have seen, to the best of their knowledge so that there is a reference point for the generations to follow. One such creation was the Buddha Head, or the face of Lord Buddha while meditating.

Place this masterpiece near your study table and ensure the inflow of positive and happy energy vibes.

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