Common FAQs

Common FAQs

1.   Is this Real, Authentic & Original?

Yes, we only deal in 100% original and authentic products. We provide a lab certificate for every product possible for a test of originality and quality. We also give a personalized guarantee of originality for the purity and authenticity of our products.

Either we sell 100% original or we don’t sell at all.

2.   Which One Is better Nepali Or Indonesian

Indonesian Rudraksha beads are smaller in size, low in demand easily available, and less effective, so they are less expensive. Nepali Rudraksha is bigger in size, high in demand, not very easily available, better in quality and so they are more expensive. Effect-wise, Nepali Rudraksha is more effective than Indonesian Rudraksha because Nepali Rudraksha takes 20-25 days to start working and Indonesian Rudraksha takes more than 60 days and up to 90 days also.

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3.   Which Rudraksha is suitable for me?

The best-suited Rudraksha is decided based on the person’s name, date of birth, time of birth, place of birth, the problem faced by the person, the profession of the wearer, and the result desired from Rudraksha beads. This is the same for gemstones also but for gemstones, zodiac sign, nakshatra, and lagna is also needed.

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4.   Is Cash On Delivery Available?

Yes, in general Cash On Delivery (COD) facility is available for all the products except for the products that are under 500 Rupees or more than 5000 rupees. Also, if the product is a customized product or listed under the customized segment, then the product is not available on a Cash On Delivery basis. Also, if the person has falsely ordered something on COD or has rejected a COD shipment after it was dispatched from our facility, they are not allowed to order on COD from our websites. Additionally, pure silver, pure gold, and pure copper items are not available on a COD basis.

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5.   Is it Certified?

Yes, it is completely certified if certification is possible. If the certification is not possible, then there is no ask for it. Along with a certificate, we also provide a personalized guarantee of originality and authenticity.

6.   Delivery Time?

A normal delivery within India takes around 3 days to 6 days. We generally ship via Blue Dart. But time to delivery will also depend on the complexity of the order. If the order takes some time, then there is a sharp chance that the delivery time will increase because there is nothing that cannot be done, but time is of the essence a lot of times.

7.   Do You Ship Outside India?

Yes, we ship to all locations outside India except Pakistan and North Korea as these locations do not accept any shipment from India directly. But if the location is inside India, there is no need to even ask for it as we hold the capacity to deliver to every location in India. Outside India, every country that has a trade policy relationship with India and allows the Indian e-commerce segment to ship to its residents, we can ship our products and services anywhere.

8.   What is the Return & Refund Policy?

We accept full responsibility for the product refund or replacement or refund if the product is delivered damaged from our side and there is a valid proof of the same.

Also, if the product is proven fake or faulty, then we shall agree to replace exchange, or return the product but the condition is that relevant proof of the same needs to be appropriately submitted.

9.    How Can I Trust You?

We are a trademark-registered brand with all our products, promises, and services certified by the Government of India. We are also registered under the UP Government's Start-In UP scheme and licensed by the Government of India under the Startup India scheme to deal in this category of religious retail and e-commerce. Our GST number is 09AAKCR1992F1Z0 which makes us registered with the Income Tax Department of India licensing us the right to trade in this category or Religious Retail. Alongside this, our International Trade License number is AAKCR1992F which allows us to trade not just in the domestic boundaries of India, but also all the geographies that have acceptable trade relations with India or Indian products.

Apart from this, we ensure to make every transaction with our customers an experience wherein they can connect with us, talk to us, discuss with us, and then decide upon what they desire to purchase and how.

Also, we are from Varanasi, the city of Lord Kashi Vishwanath. So if we do anything wrong, we will not be saved by anything and Mahadev will not spare us. We want repeat customers; thus, we would never want an unfortunate incident related to our product with you.

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10. How Can I Track My Order?

When you place an order from the website, your details automatically get captured and the shipping company will send you all the details of the shipment on your contact number and mail ID used for login.

If in case you place an order through WhatsApp, Facebook, or Instagram, then we will manually send you the complete order details on your given contact information.

11. Will my Pooja be done in real-time or will it be a recording shared?

We only do the Pooja of one client at a time in real-time and we send the update of the Pooja also by sending the videos of the Pooja done and then the prasad of the Pooja done so that the person can see the Pooja and benefit from the same as well. We do not believe in cheating and thus we have a rule of either not taking up the project or doing the project in the best way possible.

In case there is still any question not yet answered, connect with us at or and we shall be happy to help you with a response.

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