Return, Refund and Exchange Policy

At RudrakshaHub, Our goal is to ensure complete satisfaction with your purchase. We make sure to provide with all the modifications, changes, customizations, and instructions provided to us by our visitors on account of making every buyer happy and every visitor motivated to be our regular buyer. We enjoy being your trusted aid and helping you complete your religious sentiments with small support from our end in any manner. We also value our relations with all our due parties because we understand how important a belief set can be for creating an environment of trust and happiness from amongst us. We wish to be the go-to religion brand for all our buyers, visitors, and knowers so that if anyone thinks of religion, they think of us.

However, we agree we are not Rajma Chawal that everyone will be satisfied with us or like our offering. Also, you are not the autocratic leadership enduring person and hence, just like everyone, we understand your concerns with our product quality and product authenticity. We also understand the fact that however good Rajma Chawal is made, it will still hold room for improvement and might not be the go-to dish for comfort and happiness for all our parties. We make sure all our sale is made with authentic and quality products only. We do not engage in selling fake or duplicate products which make authenticity guaranteed. We also provide 100% guaranteed legal assurance of the fact that our products cannot be fake or duplicate or sub-standard because we believe in 100% transparency. We provide original images of the product clicked at Rudraksha Hub's creative Photo Labs by expert product photographers and we aim at not just delivering the best product, but also creatively portraying the best product for our customers because eye catch the first glint of attention and without a good product image, there is no possibility of good faith in product quality. We also describe each product in complete and grave detail so that there is no chance of any discrepancy and the complete product image represents what is talked about in the product description. Also, we make sure to describe each product in such fulfilling detail that the customer starts feeling the product in their own hands. This is possible only due to the expert hours invested in the product description and product imaging along with its historical research and its relevance for the user. Our content team is dedicatedly made to read religious manuscripts originally and first hand so as to understand and extract the most important details on a primary basis from the same rather than depending upon multiple unproven theories and stories. We understand the true spirit of religion and we adhere to the properties that guide the route to a proper precision-based and description-led product page. Now imagine this for not just one, not just two, but a deadly number of 4000 products and product combinations on our website. Yes... We do this for our users, to satisfy them in any manner required so that they believe and understand the hard work we put in to make the best of all worlds for all our parties. 

Even after this, we are available 24*7 on all channels like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, YouTube, Google My Business, Calling, ChatBot, LinkedIn, and Personal Assistance at any point of time, pre-inquiry or post- inquiry, pre-purchase, mid-purchase or post-purchase and otherwise as well. We consider this our duty to provide you with service and the best assistance for any product or service so that even if we don't earn from your purchase, we have a feeling of a loyal customer set with us who can help us earn from their connections. We make families and our bond can never be weak if we become the people you can trust by providing a product or service you desire. Apart from all this, still, in case there is any doubt, we click in-hand, real-time images of the product before finalizing the deal, we send the real-time image of the product or situation to our customers and we also provide all the images and videos as proofs of the product to be received by our customers even before they have the product. We also provide a guarantee that the product they see in the images on the website, in the description, in ads, or sent to them on any of the Rudraksha Hub's official channels will be the same exact product delivered to their required address without any damage to the item.

Yet, we are open to challenge and in case the customer wishes to dispute the authenticity, we will accept our fault and take remedial measures in case an authorized, certified source will prove the same. We are very clear in one department, customer satisfaction. Even after the above-mentioned process, the product delivered to the customer is not as per the requirement or as per the details mentioned, we will make sure to take the product back. But we will need specific proof of the reason why the product has to be returned. Also, we will need a specific guarantee from a recognized source about why the product is wrong and cannot be accepted by the user. If the claim to our product is fake, we would need a properly authorized lab report justifying the same statement. If we do not find the report satisfactory, we will not provide for a return, or refund, or exchange of the product.

If for whatever reason, you are dissatisfied with your purchase (read exceptions), we accept returns only if the complaint is made within 24 hours of receiving the product along with the proof of dissatisfaction.

Return & Exchange – 7 days Return & Exchange Policy

We have the option of exchanging items or receiving a refund for the full amount of the product purchased. The refund will be done only in the wallet of the person. Please raise a refund request from the Manage Account section after having a conversation with us. In case the request is found genuine, we will provide a refund in your wallet only. We will not refund any amount in the bank accounts of any person. This wallet amount can be used in the next purchase to a complete extent and will not be subject to any deduction or expiry. It will like your discount coupon code and will be applicable to your next purchase. This amount in the wallet, however, will not be refundable or cannot be encashed in any other manner. It will be legal tender only for the purchase of Rudraksha Hub's listed items on Rudraksha Hub's listed website and cannot be used as a currency anywhere else. This amount is the complete authority of the owner of the account and is non-transferable. It is non-refundable as well. In case you forget your account ID and password, or you lose the aforesaid mobile number, this amount in your wallet will also be lost. So, if you lose your registered mobile number, or you give it to someone else, make sure you utilize this amount to the fullest before closing your account with Rudraksha Hub from that mobile number.

Also, this wallet will not be transferable to any other person's account even at the explicit request of the account owner or wallet owner. This amount can be used completely by the mobile number owner. If the amount is utilized by someone else using the mobile number of the person, Rudraksha Hub will not be liable for the same. We will only look to process the order generated and provide a good service with it. We do not take ownership of any act of misconduct that has taken place with the registered mobile number or wallet amount. Also, the wallet amount will not be acceptable during a cash-on-delivery order. The amount of wallet can only be used on pre-paid orders because of the increased risk in the possibility of fake orders generation or order acceptance failure rates in cash on delivery orders. We understand the importance of your money, so we at Rudrakshahub will make sure to handle your amount and hard-earned money safe along with all your information and we have drafted such strict policies because we do not believe in interfering in the lives of our own people. We will try to negate all disputes, but in case of any dispute, we will try to resolve it out together. Any exception to the above laws might change as per time and as per scenarios. These rules are applicable to all types of customers and no amount of flexibility will be applicable in such cases. Your amount will be yours for howsoever long you want it to be. We will not touch it at any pretense, but it will be utilized only in sales.

In case, a pre-paid order is failed to deliver to the desired location, the wallet amount will not be refunded again. It will become zero and will start again from the start. Also, the amount of refund from the pre-paid order will only be done in the wallet and the same amount will be after the deduction of the amount of transit and reverse transit. Please read our Cancellation policy for this section.

The amount request has to be made within 24 hours of receiving the product and the amount will be refunded after having a discussion with the participant only. if the buyer cannot be contacted, the amount will not be refunded. Having said this, there still are many products that are not available for refund and returns. For this, read the Exchanges section below.

How Can One Return the items purchased?

Please send us an email at [email protected] or call us @ 8542929702  before initiating the return. You will have to place a refund request in your Manage Account by clicking on raising a refund request. When we receive the refund request, we will make sure to understand by talking to you if the refund request is ultimate and is required or not. If we feel the request has a solid base, then only we will decide on a refund. The judgment taken by the Rudraksha Hub team for the refund will be final. A refund request asked once cannot be asked for again, even if it was rejected at the first chance.

Which Items Are non –returnable & non-refundable?

We accept returns on all the products except Rudraksha beads, Rudraksha mala, and Gemstones to avoid fraudulent practices & maintain the purity of rudraksha beads, rudraksha mala, and gemstones. Only exchange is possible in these dimensions if the case is reported within 24 hours of receiving the product with proper proof of damage or proper proof of fraudulent and duplicity features. This proof has to be from a valid and authorized source like a government authorized lab having a ranking above the labs with which we hold relationships. We do not provide private lab certification and we do not accept private lab reports for return, exchange, or refund purposes.

The most important reason for not accepting returns on rudraksha beads, Malas, and gemstones is that our products are used for self benefits & could have religious & sentimental values attached to them, so if we accept used products back, it would mean we are reselling used products which are against our company policy.

Exchange Policy

We do not like to ship wrongful products and we accept an exchange request only when it is a genuine one. An exchange can happen only in the same product category, like exchanging a bead can be done with a bead, and exchanging a mala can be done with a mala only. Intercategory exchanges cannot be done. Also, exchanging the product with another product of the same range or higher is possible. In case the exchange happens of the same amount, the new product will be shipped only after confirmation of reverse pickup from the customer's end. The shipment will be delivered to the prospective buyer after the reverse shipment has taken place properly. If the product exchanged for is of lower value than the new product, the amount of difference will be credited to the wallet of the buyer. It will also be done only after receipt of the returned product by the Rudraksha Hub office. If the amount of exchange is payable from the customer's end, the difference will be paid either online by the buyer, or it will be put as a cash-on-delivery item for the customer to pay first and then receive the parcel. The difference amount can also be paid to us on Google Pay UPI 8542929702 only after talking to us on call or WhatsApp on 8542929702.