Fee and Payment Policy

Fee and Payment Policy

A. For Product Orders:

1. Any amount paid for any product in advance will be recorded and will be allocated in the name of the desired order only. In case there is any order cancellation, we will not be able to refund the entire amount.

2. The refunded amount will be calculated based upon the following:

a) If the prepaid order is not yet shipped and a refund has to be made:

Amount To Be Refunded = Amount Paid - Transaction Charges (Razorpay Transaction Charges for accepting orders and refund charges)

b) If the prepaid order is shipped and then it is canceled and then the refund has to be made:

Amount To Be Refunded = Amount Paid - Transit Charges (Charges Incurred To Ship The Product And Get It Back) - Transaction Charges (Charges Incurred to Accept the Amount at the time of booking the Order and the charges incurred at the time of initiating a refund)

3. The advance amount paid for any order customization will not be refunded if the order is canceled for any reason. The moment we accept the advance, we start the work and the cost incurred to manage everything on demand is always on the higher side. Thus, we cannot refund the amount if there is any cancellation for the product even if the order is far from ready.

4. If the order has reached the customer and they want to exchange it with something else, (Applicable on selected product orders only under multiple conditions), and there is a balanced amount deposited with us, if the balance amount is less than or equal to INR 500, we will not be able to refund the same.

5. If the customer has availed a wallet discount of INR 100 (given on profile completion) one time, then it will not be repeated because that was only a one-time deal.

B) Pooja Service Orders:

1) Any prepaid amount or advance deposit will not be refundable if the remaining Pooja is not done or is asked not to be conducted.

2) Any amount deposited in entirety or half or partiality will not be refunded after the payment has been made even if you desire to cancel the Pooja.

3) Rudraksha Hub will be responsible for delivering the Pooja Prasad to your doorstep unless otherwise asked for in writing. Even if the Prasad is not delivered, the Pooja will be considered complete.

4) If the half amount of the Pooja has been deposited at the time of booking and the remaining amount is not paid before the Pooja happens, the Pooja will not be conducted and the amount will not be refunded.

5) If the amount for the Pooja is paid and the date booking is also done but the customer refuses to get the Pooja done on that date, we will cancel the Pooja but we will not refund the amount.

6) We will not entertain any countercases or lawsuits on us in this regard if the customer decides to forfeit the idea of the Pooja before the date of the Pooja and after the payment is made. No refunds will be provided and no show cause will occur if the cancellation is initiated from the side of the customer or the payer.

7) The Pooja will only start after the entire payment has been successfully credited to our bank accounts and if there is any delay in payment, there will be a delay in Pooja also, as is the right of the parties at Rudraksha Hub to decide.

8) If in case we have to issue a refund, we will do that only after proper discussion with the client. Refund will be calculated based upon the following formula:

Amount to be refunded = Amount Paid - Transaction Charges (both forward and reverse) - Amount utilized in making vendor payments for product purchases and other arrangements - Temple costs - Minimum labor cost (Depending upon the number of people involved with the amount to be paid to utilize their services) - Minimum Margin of the owner as the customer/ worshipper/ payer is backing out making a loss to Rudraksha Hub

C) Astrology Assistance and Consulting

1) The entire amount will be paid in advance with all the details of the customer mentioned in the form in advance.

2) The amount will not be refunded even if the customer wants to cancel the meeting.

3) There will be no refund if the customer is a no-show at the given time.

4) Rescheduling the meeting after the meeting time has passed will charge INR 251 extra if it was not informed before the meeting time.

5) The amount has to be paid in advance and only then we will conduct a meeting call with the astrologer. Payment after the call option is not available and will not be possible also.

All the final amount will be decided based upon the decisions made by Rudraksha Hub and we will not entertain any disputes on this.

Any legal challenges or counter to this will be heard, responded to, applicable, and held accountable only in the court of Varanasi. If there is anything outside the Varanasi court's jurisdiction, we will not be a party to the same in any manner.

The terms like we, us, I, me, our, and ours are all indicative of Rudraksha Hub.

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