Adiyogi Shiva Statue

Adiyogi Shiva Statue

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Check Availablity:

Dimensions: 5 Inches (Height)* 6 Inches (Length)* 3 Inches (Width)

Weight: 370 Grams without Rudraksha Mala and 430 grams with Rudraksha Mala

Material: Polyresin (Durable, non-breakable, washable material with matt-Black polish and organic paint)

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Adiyogi, also known as the first form of Shiva in Yogic science, is the Lord of Yoga, peace, knowledge, passion, creation and destruction all together in one. Adiyogi term means the supreme preacher and supreme knowledge holder of yoga and yogic science. It is believed that while Sati sacrificed her life for Lord Shiva's respect in her father Daksha's Hawan and Pooja Samaroh, Lord SHiva was infuriated and was heart-broken. He also was in a state of deep anger and destruction with a wish to finish every single person associated with Parvati's death and sacrifice even if the association is negligible. This deep grief and anger led Shiva on a path of complete darkness and scary form. Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu had to intervene in this situation to calm down Lord SHiva as he was becoming dangerous and an element of death rather than being the saviour of his disciples.

Lord Shiva carried the lifeless body of Parvati on his shoulders and started running around the entire Earth with an ulterior motive of finishing everyone on the Earth. He was not in a shape to take a rational decision. Lord Vishnu understood that this grief was coming from the material sense of Parvati's lifeless body on the shoulder's of Lord Shiva. To rescue him, Lord Vishnu commanded his Sudarshan Chakra to bring down Parvati's body by cutting it into small pieces while Lord SHiva was chasing the entire Earth with the body on his shoulders. The Sudarshan Chakra thereby followed Lord Shiva and cut down the body of Sati (Parvati) into 52 pieces. The 51 pieces fell down on Earth and they became the Ekyawan Shaktipeeth (The 51 Energy Reserviors). These 51 Shaktipeeth are worshipped by Goddess Durga's disciples in Navratri because Parvati/ Sati was an incarnation of Goddess Durga. However, the heart of Parvati stayed with Lord Shiva and he merged Parvati's heart with his own.

The dance that Lord SHiva performed while running around the Earth with Parvati's body on him was termed as Natraj, but after Lord Shiva merged Parvati's heart in his own, he became wonderfully silent and denied talking to anyone. He went in a phase of silent grief after an episode of aggressive grief. Shiva sat silently for days and days without doing anything. He kept to himself and he gave up on eating or even moving from his place. This made his body transform into a virtual-real form of something no one understood. Many learned Rishis and saints tried to breakdown everything, but no one could make an idea about the same. Everyone was mesmerized and some of the people were even scared. They all went to Lord Brahma and asked for help because the keeper of the world was going through a very difficult, scary and unparelled phenomenon. Lord Brahma, from his far-sighted vision, took a glance at the entire event and immediately understood what was happening. He realized Lord Shiva was above his grief and his grieving has led him into a learning phase. This learning was so different and complex than normal ones that everyone was confused.

Lord Brahma immediately created 7 Rishis from his mind's strength and directed them towards Lord Shiva. They were told to stay with Shiva whatever be the circumstances. These seven Rishis obeyed their creator and marched towards Lord Shiva. They went and sat down with Shiva. A lot of people came and went when they couldn't understand what was going on, but these 7 Rishis stayed and held their ground without blinking or missing a second of their stay with Shiva.

Whenever people asked Lord Shiva for an explanation, he would ward them off. He would scold them and say that whatever they were witnessing is not an entertainment scene. He even scolded the 7 Rishis, but none of them moved their ground. Finally after years and years of waiting and being scolded. around 84 years after entering his grief phase, Lord Shiva rose on a full moon night and asked these 7 Rishis about them and why did they never leave his side. They told they were sent by Lord Brahma and that they were there to gather knowledge from Lord SHiva. Lord Shiva, who had never paid attention to these 7 Rishis, finally understood the motive of Lord Brahma. He took these 7 Rishis to the banks of River Kanti Sarovar and started preaching all about his learning about Yoga, grief handling, mental peace and a lot more for the benefit of humanity. This full moon day was then named as Guru Purnima, as this was the day Lord Shiva became the preacher of his knowledge to 7 Rishis. These seven Rishis gathered all this knowledge and moved in different directions to spread this knowledge. 

When these seven Rishis were asked who were they and who was their Guru by the people, they said, they were the Saptarishis (7 Rishis) and there preacher was Adiyogi (the Lord of all Yogic science). These Saptarishis became seven legs of Lord Shiva and thus, Adiyogi came into existance.

We at Rudraksha Hub believe that there is knowledge and yogic waves everywhere. To gain these and bring them into perspective, everyone should have an idol of Lord Shiva in the form of Adiyogi with them on their desks or vehicles or their bags of howsoever they deemed fit. This idol will make sure of the culmination of positive vibes from the environment and maintain an atmosphere of eternal intelligence within the place of worship, place of work, place of residence or places of travel.

Get this idol in a miniature format, only at Rudraksha Hub with an option of Rudraksha Mala, representing the tears of Lord Shiva that he shed while he was in the period of grief. Get free delivery of this idol at your doorstep within 5 days of your order anywhere in India.

1. Why To Buy Adiyogi From Us?

We provide the best quality of Adiyogi Miniature, Finishing of the product is well driven by the makers of adiyogi sculpture, Also the Weight of the product is heavier then the Adiyogi idol available on different Platforms.

2.Is Rudraksha with the Adiyogi is original?

Yes, as we told before , we only deal in original & authenticated products, Specially with rudraksha beads, so the rudraksha mala with Adiyogi is Original,

3. Why the price is high then the market?

Its Not Actually What u see, its price will reduce when u will use the Coupon code: Adiyogi, Also try to make the prepaid orders to avoid delivery charges.!! Bcoz RudrakshaHub offers free Delivery on Prepaid Orders Above Rs500..!!

4. What If I dont Want Rudraksha Mala With Adiyogi?

Its Totally your Call, to buy Adiyogi idol with or without rudraksha mala, Incase you dont want rudraksha mala with Adiyogi, Click on No button, only the idol will be sent to u,

Happy Shopping..!!

  • Ashutosh


    I went to Coimbatore last year. I was very surprised with the architecture. I bought this when I cam back. It has a magic blessing in it. I worship this everyday now.

  • ashu


    Good product. Good features. Very happy. Thank you.

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