Shipping & Tracking promises to provide you with best in the class shopping experience every step of the way. We take pride in the fact that we ship the order with a minimum lead time for processing all the orders received. We provide thorough quality checks for every product that is uploaded on our website. We also guarantee a proper quality check of the product before dispatching it from the hub. Since this is a single vendor website, all the products will be available from Rudraksha Hub only. there are no multi sellers and hence, the quality of the beads and the products will never be compromised at any cost. We understand the value of time and hence, we believe in fulfilling all the orders in the smallest lead time possible without making it difficult for either of our employees or any of our customers. We also give a fast delivery service using Blue Dart for locations wherever they serve. We also give ultra-fast delivery service on demand from a third party, DTDC preferably for the locations they serve.

Once the order is placed, it takes a maximum of around 2 days to prepare the order in case of customization. In the case of a non-customized item, it takes a minimum of 12 hours for quality checks, packing and dispatch. Any order made before 11 AM can be dispatched on the same day if it is a non-customized order and is a confirmed order. Customized orders will take a minimum of 2 days to prepare the order and then the same will be packed, shipped and dispatched after completion.

Shipping Charges

The price mentioned on the product is the price of the product. The add-on price of variables and add-ons might differ with the choice of the add-ons. It is done to provide the base price of the product to the people in a simple manner. 

Delivery is free for a total order of products exceeding INR 500/-. For orders less than INR 500/-, a fee of INR 60/- is charged. Also, a Cash-on-delivery order will be charged at INR 75/- for any order. This fee is the cash collection charge that occurs due to the policy of digitization in e-commerce. We don't charge if the sale does not need any extra purchases.

Cash On Delivery:

Cash on delivery is available on all products below INR 5000/-. We do not allow Cash on delivery above any item of INR 5000/- if an initial deposit of INR 500/- minimum or INR 1000/- maximum has not been made by the requesting parties. Also, in case of product sum exceeding 5000/- after deducting the initial deposit on the same is ordered for ash on delivery, the delivery charges surge up to INR 150/- for the same order on cash on delivery. Also, no order above INR 10,000/- is applicable for cash on delivery even if the interim amount of 1000/- is paid in advance. We will only ship a product if the payable amount in cash is less than or equal to INR 5000/-. This does not mean that the product value has to be less than or equal to INR 5000/-. But the final payable at the end of the entire transaction in cash when the product reaches the customer should be less than or equal to INR 5000/-.

Open Delivery:

As our policy, we do not allow open delivery. Open delivery makes the parcel vulnerable and at risk of fraud and duplicates. We do not correspond to the same. We provide tight and close packing and we request all our customers to make an unboxing video of all the parcels and in case of any issue, we will use the video for claims and correction of the same. Please do not accept open parcels. please do not ask the delivery person to open the parcel. Please do not try to open the parcel before making the payment to the delivery person. The simple reason for this is the law of the Indian Constitution that before the delivery transaction is complete and the payment is made, the product is still a property of Rudraksha Hub and the transfer of ownership has not taken place. This does not give you the right to tamper with the product as it is not your property as yet. the moment the price for the shipment is paid and the shipment is handed over to the customer by the delivery executive, the ownership transfers to the person who has bought the product, and hence, the product can be opened after that. If you try to bypass this rule, the delivery person has every right to make a complaint against you and deny the delivery of the parcel to you. We will also make sure that your address is flagged in all the central shipments servers so that you are served with only prepaid orders from all shipment companies in the near future.

Estimated Delivery Time:

It generally takes 3-4 days for the product to get delivered to your doorstep. We deploy the fastest doorstep delivery pan-India using Blue Dart and other delivery services mentioned on our website homepage. We try selecting the best way to gain doorstep delivery. We also promise fast delivery and ultra-fast delivery on prepaid orders via DTDC express. In case we cannot provide Blue Dart for our parcels due to pin code unavailability, we provide alternative courier services that might take a slower route than Blue dart and in those cases, delivery might take 4-5 days in reaching the buyer. In a worst-case scenario, if the terrain is tough and difficult for achieving, the parcels might face some delays and will be delivered in a maximum of 7-8 days. This delay will not be normal and will be experienced only if there are some difficult scenarios, some connection blockage. We believe in express fast delivery and we serve all our customers with the same avoiding any late product dispatch and avoiding RTO charges.

Tracking Details:

Once the product is shipped, the tracking link & AWB number will be sent to the respective customers' email & Mobile numbers. The details will also be sent via WhatsApp to the number registered on WhatsApp. These order IDs and Tracking links can be tracked and real-time details of the order can be gained from the scanning provided by the shipment hubs. Also, continuous status checks will be provided by the delivery companies and Rudraksha Hub to explain the position of the order. The courier company and the shipping agent assigned will also call to inform the delivery of the order and the same call will be made in case there is some delay in receiving the orders. Still, if in case there is some trouble in accessing the tracking of the courier, you can anytime try to call or WhatsApp us on 8542929702 and we will try everything available at our hands to create a backend for you to view your shipment status.

Your product is our responsibility and we very well mean to keep it. Order from and we will ship your product even before you know about it.

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