Shipping & Tracking (A Unit of RA E-Commerce Private Limited) promises to provide you with the best-in-class shopping experience every step of the way. We take pride in the fact that we ship the order with a minimum lead time of 24-48 hours (except for some extremely time-consuming customized requests and pure gold requests) for processing all the orders received.

We provide thorough quality checks for every product that is uploaded on our website. We also guarantee a proper quality check of the product before dispatching it from our hub. Since this is a single-vendor website, all the products will be available from Rudraksha Hub (A Unit of RA E-Commerce Private Limited) only. There are no multi-sellers and hence, the quality of the beads and the products will never be compromised at any cost.

We understand the value of time; hence, we believe in fulfilling all the orders in the smallest lead time possible without making it difficult for our employees or customers. We also give a fast delivery service using Blue Dart for locations wherever they serve. We also give ultra-fast delivery service on demand from a third party, DTDC preferably for the locations they serve.

Order Preparation and Shipping Lead Time

Domestic: Once the order is placed, it takes a maximum of around 2 days to prepare the order in case of customization. If there is no customization needed, then the order will be dispatched within 24 working hours. The shipping time depends upon the location of delivery but on average, any shipment gets delivered within domestic boundaries of India within 4-5 business days.

International: Once the order is placed, it takes at least 2 working days to prepare the order if there is an ask for customization. Once the customized order is prepared, it becomes ready to ship within 24 hours of being made. In case there is customization needed, the order is processed within 24 hours and becomes ready to ship on the next working day. The shipping charges in international delivery take around 10-12 business days with a margin of 5 days in customs clearance. The order can be tagged under high risk if it is of any destructible force or it is exclusively expensive and thus it might take a little extra time to clear the customs duty.

Shipping Charges

Domestic: The price mentioned on the product is the price of the product. The add-on price of variables and extra accessories might differ with the choice of the add-ons. It is done to provide value for money to every buyer with a plethora of choices. A delivery charge of INR 60/- is applied if the total cart value is less than INR 500/-. Prepaid orders above INR 500/- are delivered with no delivery cost. Cash on delivery (COD) orders or Pay On Delivery (POD) is charged at INR 75/- extra which will be payable on delivery to the courier person along with the total bill of the product to accept the product.

International: The price mentioned with the product is the actual price of the product but the amount payable might differ due to payment conversion rates and international delivery charges. The price mentioned at the checkout page will be the price including the price of the product plus delivery charges and bank charges for currency conversion. There is no 

Cash On Delivery

Domestic: Cash On Delivery (COD) and Pay On Delivery (POD) features are active on select products with some conditions-

1. COD or POD is not allowed on any order exceeding the order value of INR 5000/-

2. COD or POD is not allowed for any pure silver, pure gold, or pure copper item.

3. COD or POD is not allowed for any customized item.

What is a customized item?

Any product that has been customized by the customer fresh on demand or is ordered directly from the website under the customizations tab will be considered a customized item and therefore, any item that is customized or is made on specific standing instructions of the buyer will not be available on COD or POD.

Additionally, if there is any issue like address discrepancy, pin code mismatch, contact number mismatch, mail ID error, or any other reason that can seemingly result in an RTO due to prior experience of the seller or flagging by the portal, then the item will not be available on COD or POD.

International: All deliveries outside India's geographical boundaries are considered international and we will not be able to accept any kind of COD or POD deliveries for any international orders.

Kindly note: As a seller, Rudraksha Hub (A Unit of RA E-Commerce Private Limited) understands that COD and POD facilities are desired by people because they want to minimize their risk levels but by providing certain restrictions with the COD or POD policy, the seller, in this case we, Rudraksha Hub (A Unit of RA E-Commerce Private Limited) are trying to minimize risk of RTO losses on our side as well.

Open Delivery

As our policy, we do not allow open delivery. Open delivery makes the parcel vulnerable and at risk of fraud and duplicates. We do not correspond to the same.

We provide tight and close packing and we request all our customers to make an unboxing video of all the parcels in case of any issue, we will use the video for claims and correction of the same. Please do not accept open parcels. please do not ask the delivery person to open the parcel.

Please do not try to open the parcel before making the payment to the delivery person. The simple reason for this is the law of the Indian Constitution that before the delivery transaction is complete and the payment is made, the product is still a property of Rudraksha Hub and the transfer of ownership has not taken place. This does not give you the right to tamper with the product as it is not your property as yet.

The moment the price for the shipment is paid and the shipment is handed over to the customer by the delivery executive, the ownership transfers to the person who has bought the product, and hence, the product can be opened after that. If you try to bypass this rule, the delivery person has every right to make a complaint against you and deny the delivery of the parcel to you. We will also make sure that your address is flagged in all the central shipment servers so that you are served with only prepaid orders from all shipment companies shortly.

Estimated Delivery Time

Domestic: We make sure that we ship all the parcels within 24-48 hours of receiving the order but in case there is a specific demand, we will specify if we need more time than 24-48 working hours. Still, the shipment gets delivered within 4-5 days of leaving the Rudraksha Hub facility.

International: We make sure to ship all the shipments within 24-48 working hours of receiving the order and in case there is a specialized demand that will include more time, we shall specify before accepting the payment. All our shipment is delivered within 8-10 days of the product leaving from Rudraksha Hub facility.

Tracking Details

Domestic: When a courier is shipped, the tracking details of the courier are updated against the customer's order via text message, mail, WhatsApp, and over the website in the customer's profile.

International: When a courier is shipped, the tracking details of the courier are updated via mail to the customer to maintain transparency.

Beyond this also if the customer desires to communicate with us over any issue clarification or dispute, we are always available at or and we shall be happy to help you.

Your product is our responsibility and we very well mean to keep it. Order from and we will ship your product even before you know about it.

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