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Rudraksha Hub, the online dealer of worship essentials, is a unit established under RA E-commerce Private Limited. With all its necessary commissions and required licenses, Rudraksha Hub is dedicated to making sure all its users, visitors, and third parties that are connected under are provided with all basic and non-basic securities and essentials. We are a completely single vendor platform working with all products checked first handed and all services provided directly.

For this same purpose, we make sure of the following:

User Agreement

If the user has agreed to the cookie policy or any other policy voluntarily on our website by signing up, providing some of their valuable information like contact number, mail address, mail ID, name, residential address, card information, or anything else, they are doing this on their own free will. No act of data submission will be made mandatory for the customer unless the process initiated requires some information to proceed with the requirements. All activity undertaken with this information of the user will be as per the discretion of the user only and no action shall be initiated if the user at any point in time denies involvement or connection with any of these actions. User discretion is required for moving from one process to another and this shall be done to maintain the security of the user and user's input information.

Visitor Agreement

While contacting any of Rudraksha Hub social media or any other source where Rudraksha Hub has published any piece of information that has to lead to a website visit for the first time or for the nth time is considered under the category of interested and probable users for the website unless they specifically unsubscribe from Rudraksha Hub's advertisement blocks and refrain Rudraksha Hub from reaching out to them. In case of any revisits after the visitor has denied Rudraksha Hub to maintain contact, the lead will e considered a fresh lead again and the efforts made to convert that lead from probable to possible and from possible to happily ever after will not account for spamming until otherwise denied again. All the information hence provided by the visitor during this time frame will be considered the asset of Rudraksha Hub and will be made to advertising use. Rudraksha Hub promises to not use this information for any other purposes while maintaining complete secrecy of these records from the public eye. Rudraksha Hub will also respect the request to stop advertising to the visitor whenever they take the first step to reach out to us and specifically request for the same.

General Rules

Information Privacy: In order to operate under the banner of an e-commerce company, Rudraksha Hub will require some personal data of the user. This data will be based on the extent of information being subscribed for and the requirement of the information being collected to execute the action permitted by the user. These data points are assets for Rudraksha Hub till they have been asked to delete or remove from the list. Considering the importance these data points hold, we at Rudraksha Hub will maintain complete secrecy of the details collected from the person concerned. Kindly also read the privacy policy for this section also.

Intent: Dealing in the field of emotional and divine connect, there are a lot of times some things represented might be perceived differently by the visiting party, using a party or a third party and can be meant in a totally different manner by Rudraksha Hub. We would like to reiterate the point here in this case that we will never mean harm and ill for any such differences in perspectives. We request for the parties to find out these issues and immediately inform us regarding these changes. We will try to work on this problem and correct it at all places. We would like to work with the party pointing out these issues and work with them. In case these issues are just a difference of multiple perspectives, we will try to justify the act or make required changes so as to avoid the chances of even an iota of harm. However, we admit that correcting these issues might take a little time depending upon the available resources but we will make sure to take all the possible actions to make sure the problem is resolved faster than normal. If in case you wish to make this issue you have discovered public, we still request you to give us a minimum required time to solve this issue and then only make the information public if you still want to stretch the matters. Also, in case you want to use our example for educational purposes, please inform us in advance and give us some time to make the problems correct, and then we can discuss what can be used for education. In case, you want to gain some publicity by defaming us in public, we request you not to do so and we also will make sure to make you feel better by acknowledging you on our website but please do not resort to negative methods or words. It really takes a long time to build up a brand and any such defaming act makes it very heart-breaking for the circumstances. We will make sure to tackle defamation but we will be sorry to let you go.

Made In India: We agree to the approach of selling Made in India products and we abide by the same as well. However, Rudraksha is usually grown in Nepal and Indonesia. We use only original Rudraksha that grows naturally in Indonesia and Nepal on our website and for all customizations and we do not deal in any factory-made product which is not made in India. We sure deal in some items, like Feng-Shui, that represent foreign culture, but we still hold grounds on the fact that we don't sell products made outside the domestic borders of India. We help local artisans to grow and become self-sustainable by helping to promote their religious and spiritual collections on our website and giving them a platform to sell their produce and upgrade their standard of living. We don't just pay them the basic pay of the raw material and the finished product, rather we purchase their products from them at their selling price and sell them at a higher price with ample margins. Half the revenue generated from the sale of these products is also given to these artisans making them even more capable and honor their work while keeping the art and culture alive.

Keywords: We understand the relevance of accurate keywords but we stand against the policy of using these keywords relentlessly with no use and spamming the product advertisement and SEO much at the cost of the user. We will not write unrelated keywords in the title or description and we will make sure that all products are accurately tagged under the right category with correct information in the description. We also make sure to keep our descriptions easy and fluid to read without the spamming of related or unrelated keywords. We might link our product descriptions with several links of different pages of the same website or different pages of different websites, but those will be subject to clicks and its consistency too will not be very frequent. We will make sure that all the points related to helping the consideration for the product purchase or service booking are aptly mentioned in the product description or service description without the use of irrelevant words that might spike the SEO but will make no sense in the place it is placed as description. However, we are a single seller website business owner and we hold complete control over the products uploaded on our website and their quality. So all details mentioned on the website will be 100% guaranteed accurate and will not include any discrepancies with regard to product descriptions or service descriptions. We will also be open to your suggestions and remarks for any changes you wish to make or witness on our website. Please feel free to drop your love at or WhatsApp 8542929702.

Product Description: We understand the complete disclosure policy under which the buyer has a right to know everything about the product before actually investing money into it. We also understand that if in case they want to know more, the seller has to explain all the doubts that arise in the minds of the buyer without being irritated with the same. For this reason, we believe in disclosing all the facts about the product and terms of purchase with the purchase itself. We talk about all the qualities of the product and the specifications it will provide. We also disclose the payment terms with the product mentioned, like cash payment only, pre-payment only, or charges on cash payment and pre-payment. We do not believe in making a document too long and burying required information in fine print s that it becomes difficult to read, so we speak to the point, simple, fluent but lucid language where we talk about the product and tell all possible specifications this product holds. This gives a simple virtual sneak peek into the product/ service offered and the buyer already feels connected to the product even before buying it.

Redirection: We understand the value of information and link redirection. We also know that information disbursal is important. So we make sure to redirect the important information from the main page to a sub-page. We also do not provide any useless redirection links to confuse our buyers. Only some related products that can be checked out for a better shopping experience are mentioned in the links.

IPR: We hold strong IPR boundaries because we do not commit IPR violations ourselves and we maintain our IPRs also really close. We stand vigilant towards any such attempts and we do not tolerate any of our IPR violations.


At Rudraksha Hub, we provide genuine and authentic Rudraksha, Gemstones, Rosary, and Malas, complete product customizations, and services for the people interested. We make proper arrangements for all types of customizations

Aim of the Store:

1. Reduce and remove all possible and probable risks that can affect trade

2. Abide by all company laws and e-commerce laws

3. Protecting our IPR while not violating anyone else's IPR

4. Zero piracy and zero tolerance towards the cheap or poor representation of our products in a copied manner

5. No breach of anyone's privacy under any situation

6. Reducing the burden of work on the shoulders of the buyer by making a hassle-free one-stop-religious-shopping-online retail store.

We will make sure to abide by all the above-mentioned situations. All we expect from our visitors and users is to support our good cause in any manner possible. Every move will mean a lot to us.

Kindly connect at or call/WhatsApp 8542929702 for any further communication.

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