Clay Buddha Idol (Large)

Clay Buddha Idol (Large)

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Dimensions: 15 CM(H)*10CM (L)*7CM(W)

Material Used: Terracotta Clay & Herbal Colors

Made In Varanasi..!!

There was once a time when Lord Siddhartha was roaming in his pristine gardens and he came across a wounded swan with arrow. He picked up the swan and took it to his room. He took it for dressing. He was applying Haldi (Turmeric) to the swan when a person approached him claiming the swan. The swan was lying still and was deeply wounded, but the bird catcher was adamant to have the swan. Prince Siddhartha and the bird catcher were taken to the king (Prince Siddhartha’s father). The King asked why the bird catcher wanted the swan and the reply was that the swan will be sold and the money earned will help him eat food and feed his family. Prince Siddhartha although had a different opinion. He wanted to take the swan and make it better for survival and ease it out of pain. The King ordered the swan to be with Prince Siddhartha saying “The savior is bigger than the killer” and he gave the bird catcher some amount to survive and find another work.

This made Prince Siddhartha abandon royalties showered on him and go on a search for something larger than life. This idol of Lord Buddha made completely out of Terracotta Clay and painted with a mix of herbal colors (made of grass and herbs).

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