Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs)

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) means the intellectual owned by the concern or the person for the owner. This means there is an ownership right of the property, digital, virtual and in reality to the person who has registered them with the law. We at Rudraksha Hub also hold multiple IPRs in all our properties available digitally and non-digitally and these IPRs are subject to legal protection from any kind of unlawful activities that might affect us, our brand name and our brand image. We believe that we do not need any bad brand awareness and therefore, we hope to make things clear regarding some of our works, like our content and our strategies that have seen hard work and multiple hours of stress by the owners of the firm.


We at Rudraksha Hub hold a Trademark Registration for our brand name, brand phonetics, brand spelling and brand logo with colors and tagline. This means that we have registered this under the court of law as ours and this cannot be used, misused, or abused by others digitally, non-digitally, physically, verbally, or in any manner that is not authorized by us. We hold complete authority over the use of the brand name RudrakshaHub and its tagline, Making Worship Easy. We also hold an IPR registration in the form of a trademark over the phonetics in the name of our brand. So anyone else who would want to name their business Rudraksha Hub in any manner with changed spelling font or any other addition as suffix or prefix will lead to an IPR violation which is subject to criminal attention in multiple courts of law in India as well as abroad. We also hold a trademark for the color scheme we have used in our log and on our website. This color scheme is our original use in a commercial manner in our line of business and it cannot be imitated or replicated for the educational, demonstrative, or commercial manner or any other manner not mentioned here. All our website content branded under our name, our logo or our tagline is now intellectual property of Rudraksha Hub and thus, any multiplication of the same will not be taken in a happy and healthy spirit.


We also hold copyright in our website name, content, logo, brand name and any other on-the-website or off-the-website content under our official name Rudraksha Hub- Making Worship Easy. This means that anything under the brand name of Rudraksha Hub is the first-hand element of Rudraksha Hub and is permitted to be used only by Rudraksha Hub-recognised people only. Any unauthorized use of the same for any purpose like commercial or educational or any other purpose not authorized by Rudraksha Hub will be considered a breach of IPR and will be punishable under the IPR act as deemed by the court of law in India as well as outside the domestic boundaries of India. This extends to all content on the website of Rudraksha Hub as well as the social media of Rudraksha Hub, where each of the content produced is original, first hand and exclusive property of Rudraksha Hub as agreed by the law.

In case we find any illegal use of these resources for any purposes not agreed to by Rudraksha Hub, we will not stop back from taking an action.

In case there is someone who tries to breach our IPR laws and tries to monetize or capitalize any of our elements either by impersonating us or independently, kindly inform us at the earliest at or WhatsApp on 8542929702. We will make sure to reward you with information about the same. We do not hold monetary rewards for every glitch and every bug that is found out, but we will definitely let it out to the common public to know and understand and also express our gratitude publically.

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