Sphatik Pure Silver Wired Mala

Sphatik Pure Silver Wired Mala

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Sphatik Pure Silver Wired Mala

Sphatik Pure Silver Wired Mala is a combination of 54 beads of Sphatik Mala 10 mm in thick pure silver wire, double knotted at each end of the beads, making the entire combination as sturdy and durable as possible. This combination is worn majorly by people who need to calm their minds and make informed decisions.

Combination: 54 beads of 10 mm pure Sphatik Mala combined together in pure silver wire

Alternate Combinations: Sphatik Mala Pure Silver Capped

Origin of Sphatik: India

Size of Spahtik Beads: 10 mm

Material: Natural original Sphatik beads (Quardstone)

Length of Mala: 15 Inches sided and 30 Inches both-sided

Originality: Lab tested Beads with a guarantee of originality

Sphatik or Quardstone is considered the most natural and magnificent creation of nature for keeping a calm and composed mindset, managing anger, and controlling rage or a high heartbeat.

Sphatik Mala is worn majorly by people who get angry very fast. People with anger management issues because they are short-tempered and there is no control over them or their feelings in a fit of rage. Sphatik Mala makes the heat in the minds of these people relaxed and calmed down because Sphatik is naturally colder than average temperature and thus, it absorbs the heat of the mind and makes the person normal.

Sphatik Mala is also worn by people who have a weak Moon. Basically, people who have mental stress, tension, pressure, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, or any other mental issues are advised to wear Sphatik Mala because their mind is in constant unrest and they need a source of motivation and support to stay away from the negativity that their minds can bring for them.

In short, anyone wearing Sphatik Mala will be benefitted to the maximum because they will be able to control their minds and take the best actions possible.

This is Silver-wired Sphatik Mala because the caps on this mala are not included in making this mala as per our worshipper’s instructions. We can customize your requirements also based on your needs. You can connect with us at info@rudrakshahub.com or wa.me/918542929702 for any demands and we will be happy to comply with the same.

Till then, keep reading our blogs, check out our new launches, and keep shopping from Rudraksha hub for your worship and religious requirements..!!

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