Shaligram Mala 8 mm

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Size: 8mm

Number of Beads: 108+1

Type: Nepali Shaligram Mala

Shaligram Mala is made of natural Shaligram stones originating from the river Kali Gandaki in the lower Himalayan regions of Nepal and Uttarakhand. These are shiny worship stones that are collected and woven in a mala. 

Benefits of Shaligram Mala:

1. Health Benefits: Wearing Shaligram Mala around the heart or Anahata Chakra will give a lot of coolness and calmness to the heart. It also pacifies the negative thoughts that increase the unwanted heart rate. It is also good for healthy blood pumping from arteries and transporting blood into veins.

2. Medical Benefits: Shaligram Mala helps in relaxing the inner turbulence of the body system and makes a complete peaceful living style for the wearer. Also, Shaligram Mala is considered very good for improved blood flow and removal of bad blood from the body by cleansing the blood pallets. 

3. Educational Benefits: The increased blood flow and accentuated oxygen supply activates the brain and it makes the power of concentration and focus even better in kids. Shaliram Mala is considered as a guiding support for people having a bad time with zoning out and impossible to focus on important matters.

4. Business Benefits: It allows for a lot of opportunities inflow and a lot of financial growth. Business benefits includes the retrieving of old bad debts, creating new customers and clients and retaining old customers for a more heavy purchase.

5. Family Benefits: Shaligram Mala provides with a happy residential atmosphere for the families of the wearer. Not only the  wearer gains satisfaction from all their surroundings, but also the concerned people have less to worry about the welfare of the loved ones.

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