Ganesha Design Toran Wall Hanging

Ganesha Design Toran Wall Hanging

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Toran is a designer hanging for walls, doors and windows of house and offices. It is made of artificial flowers and cloth designs to give the place it is hanged at an attractive look. It is a good way to present a start to the day and an entry. It also is used to filter the bad and impure things and memories from entering into the house or room from doors and windows.

Traditionally, Toran was made of Neem and Peepal leaves to give a better environment to the surroundings. It was also made of flowers and leaves of Ashoka tree. It was to filter bad energy and bad air outside the doors and only let positivity in the doors. It used to wear out real fast, so the process of replacing it everyday was a big trouble and a daily task. To avoid any such problems and efforts due to paucity of time, an innovative idea of washable Toran was developed.

This Toran comes with flowers and decorative leaves crafted together artificially to give the same look and feel and same design with beads, Gods and designer patterns included in it.

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