Flower Design Wax Diya (Set of 6 Diyas)

Flower Design Wax Diya (Set of 6 Diyas)

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Diya is a reflection of light and hope. Diya emits light that reflects positivity and opportunity for something new. A diya is made of earthen clay  filled with ghee or oil and dipped in it is a wick of wool or cotton to help the light shine.

The burning wick represents the sacrifice of oneself for the betterment of someone, the burning of oneself for the desire, hope and happiness of someone else and the finishing of oneself for the satisfaction of someone. The wick burns in heat and finishes after the fuel is over. But the wick will never finish if the fuel is existing. Also, the wick fights, fights till the end, against all odds, against all winds, against all disturbances and against all uncertainties.

The oil/ ghee/ wax represents continuous support whatever be the circumstances and whatever be the consequesnces. Even the fuel needs to be completely burnt for the diya to burn bright. Everytime there is a sacrifice, there is a greater good for someone, somewhere.

When a diya embraces all these emotions of sacrifices, hurt, heat, problems and issues yet stand tall and be the light source for its surroundings, it deserves to be the mark of celebration along with each of us.

This Diwali, bring a collection of handmade Diyas and lighten up the homes of a lot of artisans.

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