Coral Mala Moonga Mala (Indian) 54 Beads

Coral Mala Moonga Mala (Indian) 54 Beads

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Coral Mala (Moonga Mala) is the gemstone for all in one troubles. It is amjorly for the healthcare and medicinal reasons. It is fascinating how Coral, a product of the waters help in aiding the problems related to everything on earth. Basically, it is made in water that serves the life of all lives and it is needed in times when there is need to hold a life for all the lives.

Coral is beneficial for people who are hauted by evil spirits and unearthly omens. Coral is related to Lord Hanuman as it is orange in color. There is a story in Ramayana as to why Lord Hanuman was dressed up in Orange Sindhoor. That is why it is believed that Coral is blessed by Lord Hanuman and any kind of evil eye, unerthly spirits and bad omens can be avoided.

Moonga is also good for people who are looking for getting married. If the person is not getting married, they can be under the poor influence of Mangal (mars) lanet. This will create a troule in their lives to move ahead of the existing and it is very difficult for the people to understand and move ahead in life.

Moonga is majorly best for healthcare and medicinal reasons. Eating Moonga (Coral) dust cures people of weakness, dizzyness, abdominal issues, skin problems and blood purification. Wearing a Coral stone is also beneficial for these same reasons along with longer concentration and prevention from accidents, cuts, bleeding and any kind of unwanted problems.

Coral Stone is very very auspicious and it is also used for Jaap because it contains blessing of a Chiranjeevi God, Lord Hanuman and it is said that anyone who wears Moonga and worshps Lord Hanuman is blessed with long life and gets cured from all the illnesses really fast. 

Wearing a Moonga is very tricky. It can be worn in gold, silver and copper. It should however be worn in the Ring finger of the right hand as it is the finger that commands the future and the present. 

Coral stone comes in three varieties: Indian, Italian and Taiwanese. It also comes in three shapes: Triangular, Cylindrical and Rectangle.

Based on the order of quality, Indian Coral Stone is the least easily available, then there is Italian Coral stone that is most expensive and then there is most easily available variety of Taiwanese Coral stone.

Based on the shape of the bead, triangular Coral stone is the best for people who have Vastu and Grah dosh in their Kundali, cylindrical Coral stone is best for the people who are prone to accidents and continuous stress and rectangular Coral stone is best for those who are trying to get medical benefits out of this.

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