Which Rudraksha Bead Suits Me?

Which Rudraksha Bead Suits Me?

Which Rudraksha Suits Me Best?

Is this a general question in your head also? Have you been wondering which is the best Rudraksha for you and how should you decide which Rudraksha to wear? Then worry not. At Rudraksha Hub, we hear you. We know that there are a lot of questions floating around and there are a lot of theories also floating around for the same. We are here to resolve all the complaints. We will help you in determining the perfect selection for you. We will discuss the methods used as per astrology to determine the best Rudraksha to be worn by the person.


1. Date of Birth

Date of birth is one of the best methods to determine the best Rudraksha to be worn by the person. The date of birth demonstrates the position of Nakshatra and planets on a particular date of a particular month of a particular year. The astrological planets keep moving and changing places with time. They trace a path with their motion and each time they find a home, they bring a new impact on the lives of the wearer. This motion can be traced to the present position of the planet. These also reflect the situation of the present condition of the person and how the planets were at their time of birth. This date of birth is specific to a person and telling the Rudraksha based upon the nakshatra and planet position on a particular date is very accurate. It is often believed that if the date of birth is combined with other elements mentioned below, it is a more accurate and personalized recommendation.

Positives of estimation using only Date of Birth:

a) The exact date of the exact month of the exact year helps the person know the exact location of different planets on that particular date.

b) This helps to know the location of the planets and the Nakshatras that were impacted on that day.

c) This tells us the Rudraksha to be worn on that day and the bead that will be best for the planetary positions of that day.

Negatives of estimation using the Date of Birth:

a) This method does determine the Rudraksha to be worn by the people born on that day, but it does not determine the exact bead to be worn by the wearer.

b) This method tells the bead to be worn by people born on a date. It does not tell the bead that exactly suits the wearer to the dot.

c) There can be more than one person born on a particular date in a particular year. This means that if the date of birth was the exact estimation force, everyone born on a particular date will be wearing the same Rudraksha bead. But this is not correct in any manner because every person cannot wear the same Rudraksha just because they were born on the same date of the same month of the same year.

d) There has to be a separate estimation for each person even if they are born on the same date owing to their different location of birth, different times of birth, and even different letters with which they can be named as recognition after birth.

Thus, using only the date of birth for estimation of the best Rudraksha to wear is a good method but only if a generic answer is looked up and a specific answer is not desired for the exact person.

Now, some people only know their date of birth, and that too as per the details written in the hospital documents or any other official documents. For these people, even if they don’t know the exact time of birth or any other birth details and they know their date of birth also as per the one written and not the actual one, for them, the method of estimation is different and we will talk about it later in this article.


2.  Name of the person

There are many estimations of the best Rudraksha to wear based on the name of the person. The person is naturally named with a letter or article told at the time of birth of the person. So their exact timeline of birth can be established or at least an outline of the same can be established using the name of the person. This is why, the first letter of the name determines the Rashi or the zodiac sign, and thus, this determines the Rudraksha to be worn because Rudraksha is best determined using zodiac signs in the absence of any other details. Thus, a name is only a method to reach the zodiac sign of the person to estimate the best Rudraksha to be worn by them.

Positives of estimating the Rudraksha based on the name of the person:

a) The name of the person is generally in tandem with the Rudraksha that suits the zodiac of the person.

b) This makes the task of finding the zodiac sign of the person easy.

c) This makes the determination of which Rudraksha bead to wear extremely easy.

d) The wearer of Rudraksha using this method gets a reading based upon the name of the person as well as the zodiac sign this name corresponds to.

Negatives of estimating the Rudraksha based on the Name of the person:

a) The name of the person does not describe the birth name of the person. Many times, the birth name or the birth letter of the person is different but the parents don’t know about it or ignore the fact and they name their child differently with a different letter and this makes the entire task of assigning a specific all-purpose Rudraksha specifically for the wearer difficult and impossible.

b) The method of estimation and allocation of a specific Rudraksha bead is generally dependent upon the specific details of a person and if those details are not exactly as per the person, then the Rudraksha is not suited to the person in the exact way it was supposed to be suited.

c) Name of the person needs to be the same as the letter or the same name which was suggested at the time of birth because otherwise, the estimation might not be exact and might not give the desired results.

There is no such discussion as to wearing Rudraksha as per details is essential, but in case the person needs to know what has astrology decided for them and whether will this make any sense in their endeavors or not, then trying to follow a few steps to make things better is desired. For such cases, it is better if all the details are known exactly as they were during the process of childbirth. So parents are requested to make note of this that even if they change certain details of their kids on papers and official documents, make sure to keep your child aware of their respective details in actuality so that they are not hung up in the dry when they need these details for their own belief patterns.

In case you are a person who does not know their birth name or the birth letter allocated to them, then the best next alternative is to use your current name only for the estimation purpose. Still, if there is some confusion and you need a different estimation because you feel that the name method is not doing justice to your requirements, then you can read till the end of this blog where we will talk about how to decide which Rudraksha to wear if birth details are not known.


3.  Time of Birth

This is one of the most aspired methods to decide the Rudraksha to wear. Believe it or not, this method always needs at least one other detail and in maximum cases two other pieces of information to make some amount of estimation. We will talk about how’s and when’s further ahead. Time of birth is one of the most accurate estimations for the remedies as per astrology and religion for a person. This is exactly why the exact time of birth of a person needs to be known to make sure the estimation is not off by even a second’s difference. This is a very personal method of making a person believe in their actual potential and thus, knowing your exact time of birth can actually help you in various other manners along with their astrological impacts.

Positives of estimating Rudraksha based on Time of Birth:

a) It tells the exact time a person was born and the exact time when this time will make a difference in the lives of the wearer.

b) The time of birth of a person is important to know the exact location of the planets so that these planets’ motion can be determined and there is no discrepancy in the determination of the best Rudraksha for wearing for a person.

c) The more accurate to the second, the time of birth is, the better estimation is possible because there is a factor involved in time called Lagna. Lagna is something that changes once every two and a half hours and thus, accuracy is literally a measure of time.

Negatives of estimation of Rudraksha based on time of birth:

a) Time of birth cannot be known exactly even with the most advanced technologies in case there are some pregnancy complications. In such times, there is a debate as to what time is considered the time of birth, the time when the baby is declared healthy, or the time when the water finally broke with enough dilation to allow the appearance of the baby.

b) Time of birth is also not the best measure because the difference of calculation is based on seconds and the second unit of time passes rather too rapidly to note the exact time for calling.

c) Another reason why time of birth is not the most accurate measure is that there are a lot of times that there is no one to record the time of birth due to accidental births, unawareness about noting down the time of birth, or just sheer ignorance to note down the proper time of birth.

d) Lagna changes every two and a half hours in Hindu Vedic astrology. As per this rule, the time of birth needs to be exact. This means that if the time of birth is varied by even one second, and the Lagna changes by then, then the reading will not be accurate and the decision as to which Rudraksha to wear will not make any sense because the reading will be wrong.

e) To make this perfect, the best method is to find the exact time of birth with hours, minutes, and seconds. This makes the reading possibility high.

f) Reading just on the basis of time of birth only is impossible. The simple reason is that the same time will happen once every day. So a distinctive factor as to date, month, and year is needed to determine the best Rudraksha to wear.

g) It is not possible to check the Rudraksha best suited for anyone without knowing the date of birth and time of birth together. These are the two minimum prerequisites to arrive at a decision. Alone the date of birth will give a general idea of a particular date. When combined with time, it will tell the exact Rudraksha to be worn for a person born on a specific date at a specific time.

h) Yet this is not the accurate most estimation because if there is more than one child born at the same time second-wise and date-wise also, then the estimation is again a very generic one, and based upon the location of birth, there can be different readings for different people.

Thinking that the world is too small for a coincidence is coincidentally wrong as well as an overestimation. Hence, for a proper and complete reading, it is better to know more than one detail and in this case, even two details like date of birth and time of birth are not enough to determine the exact Rudraksha to be worn by anyone. The simple reason is that Rudraksha brings good luck and good fortune. If it suits a person, it acts faster and makes everything easy and swift. But in case the Rudraksha is not worn as per the accurate estimation, then even if there are no side effects or negative effects of Rudraksha, there is more possibility of slow effect or no effect than having quick and rapid positive effects.

There are people who are unaware of their exact time of birth or are not sure of the same. Sometimes it is due to the person’s unavailability of official records or anyone with knowledge of the same. Many times in ancient times and in villages, there was no one to notice the time and therefore, there is no scope for knowing the time of birth, let alone knowing the exact time of birth. Considering the evolution process in India for technology and awareness, the case of people who do not know their time of birth is maximum and there are still many who know only an approximate value for the column of their time of birth. These cases have a cure also and we will discuss it later in this blog.


4. Location of Birth

There are people being born in every part of this planet, every second. There can be more than one person being born at a particular time on a particular date. This is why the location of the birth is also an important factor in determining the best Rudraksha to be worn. The location of birth is also important because the planets are continuously in motion and they travel at a specific speed only. So throughout the entire day, there will be swift motions in the plants having different effects each time they are in different houses. These houses have fixed locations and when the planets travel, they cover a certain distance only in their impact. The areas in their vicinity feel their impact and the other areas feel it a little later when these planets travel to those areas over time. This is why the location of birth is important because there can be more than one person born in a particular time frame at a location on a date.

Positives of estimating Rudraksha based on Location of Birth:

a) The person on whom the Rudraksha will suit will be able to wear it as per their needs and requirements, but this time more tailor-made for their needs.

b) The person wearing Rudraksha needs to have a specific location of birth so that when a planet travels to its location, the estimation can be made on the basis of the details of the location. 

c) It is also important to note that even in the case of giving birth while traveling, there will be a location of birth specifically allocated to the person and this location of birth is the designated location for the person trying to identify the best Rudraksha suited for wearing for them. 

d) This location can be a latitude or longitude or a combination of both latitude and longitude to determine the exact location.

e) If the latitudes and longitudes are not known, the city of birth and state of birth, and country of birth are needed to determine the Rudraksha bead to wear by a person.

Negatives of estimating Rudraksha based on Location of Birth:

a) The location of birth might not be the best method alone to justify the best-suited Rudraksha because the location of birth can be the same for a lot more children being born every minute. So there has to be some other pre-requisite that can lead to a Rudraksha wearing estimation along with the date of birth.

b) It is impossible to say exactly which Rudraksha suits which location as we have already discussed the unavailability of other aspects which will not be able to make a differentiating factor in the life of the wearer.

c) There has to be an accompanying factor in the form of at least two more components to be able to help in the estimation of the best Rudraksha to wear for the person.


5. Gender

The gender of the person is one of the most important factors in determining the Rudraksha to be worn. The gender of the person tells about the amount of power and amount of blessing needed to make the most effective use of the Rudraksha worn by the person. This is sometimes exactly why Rudraksha is decided based upon the natural instinct of the person or the way the person behaves. This is also exactly why gender is important to determine what a person does and what a person will do before and after wearing Rudraksha.

Positives of deciding Rudraksha based on gender:

a) A person’s natural habitat is decided most of the time on the basis of gender. This is why gender helps in the correct estimation of the Rudraksha bead for a person.

b) A person is considered to behave in a certain manner based upon their gender because they find a similar surrounding around them and they are considered to feel natural and safe in their surrounding. This is why gender decides the mannerisms of a person and that decides the Rudraksha a person should wear.

c) There are certain things people do not assume normally but it affects the personality of a person. Gender is one such thing. 

d) This is exactly why it is safe to say that Rudraksha is best determined if the gender identification of the person is also performed. It will help in assessing the traits of the person and then make sure that these traits are well resonated with accurate life predictions with Rudraksha or any other item like gemstones, mantras, yantras, etc.

Negatives of deciding Rudraksha based on gender:

a) Rudraksha best for a person cannot be decided based upon gender only because there are more than countable representatives of each type of gender identification and thus Rudraksha estimation based only upon gender is impossible.

b) There will be no leading front that will guide the direction of planets based only on gender.

c) There will be a need for at least one more factor other than gender to determine the Rudraksha best suited for a person.

Having read all the points, all the positives and all the negatives of all the factors being used alone and singularly to determine the type of Rudraksha to be worn, this is clear in itself that wearing a Rudraksha cannot independently be determined using any one of these factors and there is a mandatory clubbing needed to get to an actual conclusion. 

One such most used and actively talked about the combination of factors to determine the best Rudraksha to wear is a combination of all five of these factors.

So, if we combine all these details into a list and then try to find the perfect Rudraksha bead to wear for every issue, then there will be a detailed understanding of the exact name and zodiac sign of the person that will be determined by the date of birth and time of birth. Also, the position of the planets will be determined by Date of birth, time of birth, and location of birth. The name of the person and the gender of the person will make the suggestion more concentric and focussed upon a person and finally, the combined outcome of these details will make for a result that cannot be more personalized and more researched.

The resultant beads that can be born due to the impact of certain planetary positions will make the Rudraksha wearer happy, contented, and satisfied and also be able to reduce their stress and difficulties in life.


What if I don’t know my birth details?

There are several causes why the birth details of a person are not known owing as ignorance, unawareness, or just geographical or time-based reasons. There are a lot many times that the person was born in a village setting and there was no proper record keeping of the details. In earlier times, there were people who did not follow the international calendar, so their estimation of the date of birth was as per the Tithi, or the Vedic method of determining the day using the lunar cycle. But this Tithi cannot be used to find the accurate Rudraksha prediction due to its repeating nature and variation in falling based upon the astrological changes. Basically, improper record keeping or other reasons led to people not knowing their exact date of birth, time of birth, location of birth, or even the name or letter for the name assigned at birth. 

In such cases, a settlement is done based on the person’s understanding of the facts and whether or not are they upbeat on some important pieces of information in an approximate sense. So even if you don’t know much about your exact details, if some approximate answer is known, it might also help in a good estimation of the best Rudraksha bead to wear.

Although, there are certain times when Rudraksha estimation based upon approximate values also becomes impossible when the values are too big in a range or there is a complete absence of information. In such cases, there are multiple other methods to determine the best Rudraksha suitable to wear.


1. Name of the person

This name of the person is actually the name of the person/ wearer holding. It could be the birth name, it could be the changed name, but the name with which the person goes is followed because this second method is modern astrology and it is based more on the facts and possibilities than on the past and is irrecoverable. So the name of the person is needed to know the letter of the name that makes more impact on the life of the person.

Positives of estimation using the name of the person:

a) The name of the person is the most personalized estimation of the person. The name of the person tells more about the person than any other thing. It is generally considered the most common ground for estimating everything about a person, like their upbringing, their comfort, their style, and everything else.

b) The name of the person is an estimation of the person’s stature and details. This is exactly why the name of the person speaks volumes about their personality.

c) Rudraksha estimation as per the name, therefore, speaks about the person’s behavior and a person way ahead in life, and thus, the best Rudraksha to wear can be decided on the basis of the name of the person.

Negatives of estimation using the name of the person:

a) The name of the person might be deceptive of the person’s actual personality if the person does not handle the image associated with their name well.

b) The name of the person may also be the same as those who share the same name. In such a case, there is no chance that the person gets the best recommendation based only upon the name which is personalized to their needs specifically.


2. Profession

The profession is another method to determine the Rudraksha bead a person can wear. For instance, a lawyer needs continuous upbeat knowledge about their clients, the laws, the ways to present a case, the best methods to win for their clients, and also save themselves from threats and other issues. For these reasons, the lawyer will need a 4 Mukhi Rudraksha. Now there can be a debate whether only Gemini can wear a 4 Mukhi Rudraksha as per zodiac sign or only academics and students can wear 4 Mukhi Rudraksha as per rules. But there can be recommendations based upon the use of certain traits and factors and thus, Rudraksha's recommendation as per profession makes for a specialized recommendation that will make the wearer’s life easy and better.

Positives of determining the Rudraksha as per profession:

a) The profession of the person will be the exact job role of the person and the general bead that can aid that job role can make up for the wearer as well and the person will not have the stress of not wearing the correct bead for themselves.

b) The profession of the person will help the person shape a personality and thus, the person who has a particular profession is expected to behave a certain way, and behavior is the root cause of all the issues and problems in a person’s life. So, in a nutshell, if the person needs freedom from some issues, then the underlying fact needs to be corrected and that can be done using a good rudraksha recommendation.

c) The profession of the person helps in the estimation of the correct rudraksha bead for the person because the person exhibits a lot of aspects of responsibility and only the things that the person misses it is needed to make the correction and that can be done by wearing the right Rudraksha.

Negatives of guessing the Rudraksha only as per profession:

a) There are chances that the person’s profession is not exactly defined and thus, the nature of the profession needs to be used to determine the Rudraksha which makes the method a little twisted and therefore, flawed.

b) The profession of a person can also mislead an estimation as one person can hold multiple major professions and there can be a very thin line between each profession to draw a line. This leads to major confusion and alone the basis of the profession is not enough to make a decision on the best Rudraksha to wear.

c) The person in a profession might not like that profession or enjoy the profession at all and therefore not be able to inhibit the characteristics of that profession at all. This will make the person a very misunderstood person as the Rudraksha estimation done based upon profession also resolves around the person’s personality and habits.

d) The profession of a person could not have any implication on the life of the person and then, the estimation of the Rudraksha based on profession will make no sense to anyone at all.


3. Problem the person is facing

The best method of making the person comfortable with the Rudraksha choice is by providing the Rudraksha to cure a problem the person is facing. By doing this, the person will be able to wear the bead and find the cure to their problems that are arising or might arise in the near future. This way, the wearer will get what they want and this will make the person assured of the best Rudraksha selected for well-being.

Positives of selection of Rudraksha as per problem:

a) Rudraksha bead is worn by a lot of people to either solve a problem or avoid a problem. So selecting the best Rudraksha bead so that the problem is solved in the best possible manner and the person is free of pains and agony is the most desired outcome therefore, making the selection of the best Rudraksha to wear based upon the problem seems like the most logical outcome.

b) Rudraksha is also worn to avoid any problem that comes your way. This means that if the person knows any issue might arrive but Rudraksha can either avoid that or mitigate the damages to a bare minimum, a normal person will take that chance and make the best use of it.

c) Rudraksha can make the person believe again in the science of religion and spirituality and thus if it solves an issue the person has been facing, it can connect them back to their roots and save them the trouble of going through any kind of trouble ever again.

d) Rudraksha recommendation based on the profession is a very common and age-old method in which the best Rudraksha recommendation is done after understanding what is better for the wearer from their day-to-day activities and it becomes simple and easy also because of the maximum comfort zone of the wearer lies near work itself.

Negatives of Rudraksha estimation as per problem:

a) The problem of the person might come and go but the Rudraksha is generally worn for a lifetime.

b) A person can focus on more than one problem at a time and yet be worried about a lot of other things apart from the main problem. Each problem can have more than one Rudraksha to handle the issue. This makes for a very messy and very unorganized method of recommendation and thus, Rudraksha should naturally be recommended based on all the criteria.



We have seen that Rudraksha estimation is done majorly based on the details of the person. These details can be birth details or professional details, astrological details, problems, names, or any other detail that can give an insight into the lives of the people. These details are important because these details make for the character of the person and as discussed above, the character of the person decides their course of action, and thus, their life decisions can be impacted by the Rudraksha they wear. It will give them a ray of hope and a gleam of happiness in their lives so that there is no possibility of anger, fear, or pain.

It is a careful decision of multiple factors combined together to make a perfect fit for the person. The best method to find the most suitable Rudraksha for a person is a pure combination of the name of the person, date of birth, time of birth, city of birth, gotra of the person, birth letter assigned, zodiac sign (Rashi) of the person, the profession of the person, the problem the person is facing or is trying to avoid and the expectations to derive after wearing the Rudraksha bead. When all these factors are combined together, then the estimation made is exactly as per the wearer and there is no doubt about the fact that this recommendation can be false in any manner. Although, the main issue here is the fact that there are cases in which actual details are not known or are sometimes wrongly known.

In such cases, it is important to know that the maximum number of details known is better because it helps in useful estimation and there is also a personalized experience with Rudraksha. It is better to talk to an expert before selecting the Rudraksha beads because even if there are no wrong choices, absolute right choices make the best outcome. If you want to talk to our expert at Rudraksha Hub, connect with us on WhatsApp at 8542929702 and we will connect you with our expert for a proper consultation. In case there is any confusion or doubt about the same, we will be available on the above-mentioned details or info@rudrakshahub.com for any communication of any kind. See you in another informative blog. Till then, feel free to check out our website at www.rudrakshahub.com and our blog section at www.rudrakshahub.com/blog for all our new and recent updates. Stay happy, stay blessed and keep reading. Har Har Mahadev..!!

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