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Lord Krishna was brought up in Braj Bhoomi. He was an incarnation of Lord Vishnu in Satyug to help his subjects of Yaduvanshi tribe and make them free of all the pains they are facing. Goddess Radha was Lord Krishna’s love. She loved him and could enchant him. But it is believed that these two never married. Lord Krishna married Rukmini and Satyabhama. It is said that Lord Krishna and Radha loved each other to an extent that they do not require any label attached to their relationship. They were present together and they respected each other. So they never married. There also a popular belief that Lord Krishna and Radha didn’t marry because of Shridhama (Sudama) who was a devotee of Lord Krishna and his best friend. Sudama believed that devotion is greater than love and that his devotion to Lord Krishna was way more than Radha’s love for Lord Krishna. He also believed that if Krishna were to choose between both of them, he will land in a difficult situation. But since Sudama didn’t want a possibility of loosing Lord Krishna, he asked Radha and Krishna not to marry and rather bless their subjects.

This idol is a selfless symbol of romance, love and adoration in a single frame. Get this extraordinary marble idol made out of Vietnam Grade 1 Spotless White Marble delivered at your doorstep exclusively by Rudrakshahub.

  1. Kindly consult before ordering or paying for the same. Call/WhatsApp on 8542929702
  2. Get complete customizations as per size, design and color.
  3. Delivery charges (transport, expenses of person carrying the idols and toll charges) will be payable by the buyer. This is not a free delivery product.
  4. We can provide any addition to the above design if the reference image for the same can be provided by the buyer. The extra cost for the same, if any, would be communicated before the work on the idol starts.
  5. It takes around 20-25 working days (excluding gazette holidays and festive days) for a particular work to complete.
  6. We also request you to provide with all the changes and ideas in the design before the work on the actual idol starts because any changes after a point becomes difficult and unclean to execute and will not be welcomed.
  7. We would request for a minimum of 50% advance payment of the amount of the total idol. The remaining 50% payment (along with delivery charges and additional overhead charges) can be made during the time of delivery of the product.
  8. We take care of the delivery and handover process. We request the buyer to please check the product if it is faulty or broken or damaged. In case there is any damage after the product has been handed over to the buyer, we will not take the responsibility of the same. We can send for repairs if the cost for the same id borne by the buyer.
  9. This is a no return, no exchange product. We request you to consult us over call before ordering. We will provide for a window of 2 days for order cancellation. But if the order is not cancelled in 2 days from the date of order confirmation and 50% payment, we will commence the work and the order will not be cancelled.
  10. The amount charged on order confirmation stands non refundable. However, in case there is a chance for the refund, the amount will be refunded if the work has not started or after deducting the expenses and losses.
  11. Installation of any of our products, if necessary, will be the duty of the people delivering the idol.
  12. We expect to serve you with all your demands, and we also are open to connect you directly with our on ground factory workers over a call if the need be, for proper consultation.
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