Bahubali Kada With Trishul & Damru(L)

Bahubali Kada With Trishul & Damru(L)

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Bahubali Kada Silver (Small) as the name Bahubali Kada suggests means Power in the hands of the wearer. ‘Bahu’ means Arms/ Hands and ‘Bali’ means Power. ‘Kada’ means Bracelet. This is a unisex bracelet and can be worn by both men and women.

This is a thin and slim bracelet made of polished Silver and looks quite elegant on the hands of the wearer. Also, the blessing of Lord Shiva will stay with the wearer.

Let us look at the combinations of the Bahubali Kada:

  1. Trishul (Trident) is the equipment of Lord Shiva that he uses to scare away evil and make the good prevail.
  2. Damru: It is a musical instrument that Lord Shiva plays to announce the triumph of good over evil. Also, it is the first sound of the universe.
  3. Rudraksha: These are the teardrops of Lord Shiva that have solidified overtime to make his existence in something tangible that can be worn and can help in the wearer being blessed by it.

Bahubali Kada Silver can be worn by both men and women. The taboo of “Women don’t wear Rudraksha” is taken head over heels by Rudraksha Hub and we promote the equality of Rudraksha availability and wearing for all across genders. Religious admiration and inclination are not decided by gender and hence, we at Rudraksha Hub not only promise to deliver products for all genders but also provide products for all ranges, shapes, and sizes so that they can be worn easily by anyone who aspires for it.

This is a pure 100% original Rudraksha Bracelet made of polished Silver and original Rudraksha Beads to provide a piece of great blessing equipment for the devotees. This is a super light Rudraksha Bracelet and can be worn for normal day-to-day activities. It can be easily molded to suit the wearer’s arms or hand size. It is available in free sizes in all standard sizes.

We will be happy to assist you with your purchase in case of any need or requirements from our side. Kindly connect on-call/ WhatsApp +91 8542929702 for further assistance.

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