Why Trust Rudraksha Hub?

Why Trust Rudraksha Hub?

3-tier Scanning Of Rudraksha?

At Rudraksha Hub, we understand and value our believer’s and worshippers’ sentiments. We understand that there is nothing a worshipper wants more than their beliefs sitting intact. To keep up with our promise of delivering quality only over anything else, we at Rudraksha Hub make sure to do proper testing of the beads and products before we ship them to our customers so that only the best-of-the-best quality of the beads is being provided to them.

We understand that the matter of religion and spirituality is more a matter of belief and less a matter of science and logic. Sometimes, there are certain logical aspects but sometimes, only belief and power of spiritual connect works. This is why, even if there is no logical sequence to something or maybe a less logical sequence of something, still, the tussle between mind and heart can be won by heart in case of a strong belief. We wish to make the most use of the belief and be able to satisfy it with their version of belief and our version of quality service.

We believe that there is nothing that satisfies a belief better other than the fulfillment of the belief in the exact expected manner. This is why we provide quality-tested products only in all regards to our customers. When worshippers use our products with satisfied intent, they feel the originality without needing any testing and any certification of the same. This is exactly why we have been trying to make the perfect utilization of the resources availed to us by nature so that only the supreme premium quality of the products get delivered to you and you are satisfied with whatever you receive. After all, it is not easy to set a point of belief in everyone and it is definitely not possible to do that with your own people if you do not feel that your belief has been fueled by something you trusted in and truly deserved as well.

We make sure that anything that leaves our facility has been quality checked a minimum 3 times by our experts at Rudraksha Hub so that there is no chance of complaint in any manner and even if there is anything still that can disappoint the wearer in any regard, we trump that with a totally new product at no added costs.


What is 3-tier Scanning?

At Rudraksha Hub, we have three checkpoints for the Rudraksha beads before they are put on the display shelf to be shipped to the customers. These three checkpoints are the three steps, followed for every bead, in a chronological manner without which we will not ship any product to our customers at all. We have coined the term 3-tier scanning for these three steps of checkpoint only. 

This 3-tier scanning is very important to establish trust and connection in all regards with the customers because there is no way they will believe the fact that we are selling 100% original and authentic products with a guarantee if we do not provide substantial proof of our procedure for the same. We spend a lot of time on making our offerings the best-of-the-best and thus, we know how important it is for others to get what they had expected in all regards.


Step-1: Water Downing

At the Rudraksha Hub facility, we get the Rudraksha beads directly from the suppliers in Nepal and Indonesia to ensure no poor quality purchases and sales. We try to minimize all types of fraud directed towards us so that we can provide only 100% original and authentic rudraksha beads and products to our customers. This is why, when we source from Nepal and Indonesia, we first put all the beads in a drum full of water. All the beads that sink in the drum in the water after 5 minutes are only selected for further processes. The beads that swim are either poor quality or hollow from the inside, so we reject them on the spot.

The beads that drown need to pass at least 2 more tests to be considered valid enough to be considered for sale to our customers.

After the beads that sink come out of the water, they become clean and clear from dirt and dust that could have settled upon them. These beads are then tap-dried on cotton cloth in natural air and natural light so that they do not hold any water content. Rudraksha beads are natural beads and they are made of plant fibers, which means that Rudraksha beads need to be prevented from rotting in water or rotting because of water. This is why we cotton tap dry the beads after we take them out from the water and then let the beads lose the water content in natural light. This way, the life of the beads increases multifold.


Step-2: Manual Testing

After the beads that float are rejected, the selected beads are cotton tap dried and then in normal daylight. After all the selected beads are well to process for the sale, these beads are manually checked by our Rudraksha Hub professionals to check and scan for any smallest broken beads, cracks, or damages. All the beads that show the smallest signs of damage or poor quality are rejected again, the on-the-spot. These rejected beads are not sold by us to the customers even if we have to deny taking some orders because these beads will not just tarnish our reputation but also spoil the trust of our customers in us. We cannot afford to do that and thus, we do not process the beads that are damaged or broken in any regard.

The things that we check in the manual testing are:

  1. If the beads are completely in shape or not. Some Mukhis are designated to be oval shaped while some are round shaped. The shape of the bead is very important for its quality. A good quality bead, but without proper shape does not fulfill the expectations and thus, a good shape of the bead shows not just good quality but also a good class of the product bought. This way, the customer will feel value for money and will be satisfied with the results received while wearing the bead. Thus, any bead that looks defective or feels defective in shape is rejected to avoid any kind of customer dissatisfaction.
  2. If the beads are broken or damaged or cracked in any manner. Some beads are completely in shape and they look 100% original in all manners. We then check if the beads are broken or damaged or cracked or not. Apart from the normal lines/ Mukhs of the beads, if there are any additional cuts or cracks in any manner in any part of the bead, then it is rejected straight away. The selected beads are only sent to the customers even if it means that we need to cancel some orders due to the unavailability of the requirements.
  3. If the beads have proper lines. The Rudraksha beads have Mukhs/ clefts/ faces. These faces define the face of the beads. The beads have been defined as five Mukhi if there are five lines from the top head of the bead to the bottom down of the bead. If these lines vanish in between, do not originate symmetrically, or seem artificially made, then the beads are rejected. Sometimes, these lines can just be the work of art of nature and they might not be artificially played with, but if they do not represent symmetry and they look played with under any circumstances, we do not ship that bead and we make sure that the product should fulfill the standards of quality and then only be shipped in any form.
  4. If the beads are hollow or improper from the inside or look eaten by insects. Some beads look heavy and sink in the water even when they are hollow or have been infected with insects. Majorly, these beads float during Water Downing and they do not pass level one only. Yet if they do, in the Manual Testing phase, we reject these beads outrightly and these beads are not sent for level three or step three of the 3-tier scanning process.

We understand that quality is maximum important for everything and everyone in the business and thus, we need to make sure that we do not disappoint anyone. We agree we might be a little too detailed and dedicated to working hard and getting ahead, but we understand that we cannot succeed if we do not play around with our comfort zones. Thus, we try everything in our might to make the customer happy and satisfied so that when there is a need, we are able to fulfill the duty properly and without fail.


Step-3: Lab Testing

Lab testing of the beads is the final and ultimate process. This is the most trusted step as well because a bead certified by the labs as true can rarely be proven false because it is a very easy and justified process to ascertain the quality of the bead and its originality in Rudraksha beads. It is a standard process of x-ray and the beads that are 100% original are only certified as true and authentic and then only they are given the pass signal. So lab testing the beads is a good medium for growth and the final certification stamp says that these beads are worth what they are being charged for and if there is any issue with it or not.

The x-ray film scans through the bead to see if the beads have the same number of seeds inside them as the number of cuts on the face. It analyzes if there are any additional number of faces made on the bead artificially. It also analyzes if the seeds inside are fully grown or partially grown, mounted or unmounted, and effective or non-effective. Lastly, lab testing also analyzes if the origin of the beads is Indian, Indonesian, Himalayan, Sri Lankan Nepali, or none of the above. The lab certificate also specifies the material of the Rudraksha beads. If the beads show naturally hardened fibers, then only it is considered original and the lab certificate mentions the same thing to be passed as a proper lab certificate.

Some of the must-haves for a lab certificate of Rudraksha are

  1. A lab registration and recognition number with all the valid ID proofs and backend verification.
  2. A QR code on the certificate verifies all the information correctly and naturally.
  3. Communication that the beads are 100% original and authentic
  4. A bead image with proper clarity
  5. The complete details of the bead along with faces, weight, size, and origin
  6. Name and signature of the gemologist with ID proof of the certification number authorizing them to do the certification.

If these basic details are missing from the certificate, then the certificate is either not true to its stance or incomplete and thus, unbelievable. It is the duty of the seller to be aware of the same and give the certificate of the authorized labs only. If in case the seller is not doing this in the lure of additional profits and money minded nature, then the customers also have the right to point out the same and get the right product only delivered.

We at Rudraksha Hub understand this very well and we know that there is nothing wrong with making sure everything falls in line, so we double-check even after the beads arrive tested from the labs so that even if we have to suffer minimum losses, we are yet able to give only the selected and most premium quality products to our customers.


Are Rudraksha beads made of wood?

The biggest misconception about Rudraksha beads is that it is made of wood. Natural Rudraksha beads are not made of wood, ceramic, plastic, or anything other than original, natural plant fibers. Rudraksha beads grow inside the Rudraksha fruits on Rudraksha trees. These fruits are plucked from the trees when they ripe or they fall from the trees when they ripe. These fruits then are dried a little to let the Rudraksha beads inside ripe properly. After these fruits have dried, they are soaked in hot water for a few hours. The fruit layers become soft and mellow. Then the beads are taken out from the fruits carefully and with ease. 

It is very important to clean the beads while taking them out from the fruits while it is in hot water mellow and soft because later, if the fruit fibers are stuck on the beads, then the fiber possible to damage the beads after it is dried when the efforts to remove it from the bead is done. Also, the look of the bead becomes bad and thus, it is better to remove all the fibers from all the beads before drying them and putting them up for certification. 

Another reason why Rudraksha beads should be cleaned properly before sending for certification is that the fruit fibers add weight to the bead. So if the bead is not properly cleaned and it adds weight to the beads, the actual calculation of the bead cost becomes faulty as the registered weight is more than the actual weight and this is another reason why people find online and offline Rudraksha sellers as faulty because they do not focus on the entirety of a process.

At Rudraksha Hub, we say we provide good quality, clean, and original Rudraksha beads because we act upon the promise. We drown them in water in the water-downing process, clean each bead, and then manually check for any possible damage to the bead, and then finally sending for final lab testing. After the lab testing is done, only the selected Rudraksha beads are sold for customer queries.

Anyone claiming on any platform that their Rudraksha is original because they sell the beads which are made of wood or plastic or ceramic or any other material is lying and selling fraudulent products. We don’t believe in the same in any manner and we don’t sell duplicate products even if it means procurement at low costs and selling at low costs.

So, next time you see anyone writing material as wood for Rudraksha beads, make sure to call them out and not buy from them, rather than trusting them based on prices.


Bonus Tip:

Since you stayed here for a long to read till the end, Rudraksha Hub gives you a bonus tip. Whenever you ask for an image of the Rudraksha from someone and they give you a very shiny bead, be very sure that they are giving you a bead dipped in oil. This increases the weight of the bead and makes the bead look shinier and more attractive but it actually may not be so. Therefore, if you get a bead that has been dipped in oil beforehand, do not accept that bead.

But if you have received a normal bead and you want to increase the life of the bead, make sure to apply three to four drops of oil (mustard/ coconut) on the bead and allow it to rest for about five to six hours. This will make the bead look shiny and this will increase the life of the bead also.

At Rudraksha Hub, we understand the value of your sentiments and we know how originality and trust matter in matters of belief. Therefore, we don’t want you to try us, we want every worshipper to trust us. We have been very consistent with our work and we will maintain that quality for everyone so that no one feels excluded. We welcome all types of suggestions from everyone at wa.me/918542929702 or info@rudrakshahub.com and we will be happy to help with everything you say. We will see you on our website or in our inboxes and till then, stay happy, stay blessed, and keep worshipping..!

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