We Got Interviewed...!!! Yeyyy... Read what Mystic Mag Says About Us In Their Exclusive Coverage With Us

We Got Interviewed...!!! Yeyyy... Read what Mystic Mag Says About Us In Their Exclusive Coverage With Us

When we started working, we just started with a small idea... We want to make products of religious importance available in their natural formats to those who need them.

What will be the process, will it be online? offline? Mode of working? business or non-profit? Quit job for this or have this as a side passion? There was no clarity.

While Rishabh, the brain behind Rudraksha Hub, and, Aparna Agarwal, the half-hand behind this move, were brainstorming by meeting at different locations like Mcdonalds' or any other coffee joints, we realized, there was way more potential to this idea than just products and just Hinduism and slowly, things took a different turn that what was imagined.

And then Covid hit.

We didn't know if we wanted to take this full-time or not but COVID was the time when we had a lot of time to think and those two months were enough for both of us to quit our jobs, which we were never interested in doing on first hand. Then, the moment there was a relaxation, we put in the papers for making a company and both of us divided the work to lay the groundwork for our idea to come into reality.

Since then, there have been a lot of issues, personal as well as professional, in all our lives but we never bowed down to anything and lo and behold, we were approached by Mystic Mag for exclusive coverage for their page.

We are pleased about this because when someone thinks about starting up, it is, in general, considered a highly stupid move if the person is looking to not earn money by glamourising it, but stick to a value system and actually create a lasting business. And above that, we two were just young individuals aged 23 and 22 years who wanted to make a difference with no money at our hands and no wealthy financial backgrounds of our parents.

So was this a stupid move? Maybe.

But what we made of this is truly crazy and phenomenal. So read in an exclusive talk with Mystic Mag, what we mean when we say, We are in the business of "Making Worship Easy" for our buyers and worshippers. We do not want to promote a style of thinking. We only believe in helping you with what you believe in and what you want to help you believe in.

For any more details about us, visit our website Rudraksha Hub, or ping us a hello at wa.me/918542929702 or info@rudrakshaub.com and we shall be happy to help in any manner.

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