Rudraksha for Vishuddhi Chakra (Throat Chakra)

Rudraksha for Vishuddhi Chakra (Throat Chakra)

Rudraksha for Vishuddhi Chakra (Throat Chakra)

Located right above the Anahata Chakra or Heart Chakra, the Vishuddhi Chakra or Throat Chakra is situated in the throat area of the person. Mostly equipped with communication and expression of thoughts, Vishuddhi Chakra or Throat Chakra is the medium that enables a person to talk, produce sound, and effectively communicate with the outside world.


Vishuddhi Chakra is responsible for giving the person self-awareness and a method of personal expression to express themselves and keep their ideas, thoughts, and judgments in proper words. Being communicatively active makes the person truthful and trustworthy. Also, the person becomes a party to easy communication and creative thinking when the Vishuddhi Chakra is fully functional.


The main job of Vishuddhi Chakra is to empower the person with the gift of voice so that the person can speak nicely and think wisely and so that their gift of communication does not turn into a nightmare. Also, communication is considered a two-way medium. It is considered that if there is someone who speaks, there has to be someone who listens or responds otherwise it is incomplete. So, when the two-way street is to be maintained, there is a chance of a two-way sword as well because if either one of the parties involved in communicating fails at their end, the entire idea of Vishuddhi Chakra to give the freedom of easy communication will go down to ashes.


The Vishuddhi Chakra represents the Space element or the Ether element. This means that the Vishuddhi Chakra makes the person understand the value of timelessness in limited time and endlessness in limited space and yet be vast, fast, mysterious, and resourceful all at once for everyone around them.


Vishuddhi Chakra manages the Endocrine Gland or the Thyroid gland of the human body and makes the person viable for speaking, expressing, and communicating their thoughts and ideas in the best possible manner. Therefore, Vishuddhi Chakra is equipped with the power of providing a stage to the person with their mindset and values.


Vishuddhi Chakra or Throat Chakra of the person is highly active if the person is vocal and enjoys talking, more like an extrovert, who loves to know things and also share things.


The Throat Chakra or the Vishuddhi Chakra is considered to be dormant if the person is non-vocal or is introverted, scared to speak, or immature to speak when needed.


Body Parts Governed by Vishuddhi Chakra or Throat Chakra

Lungs: The main body part for breathing and storing air

Larynx: The main area in the esophagus for breathing and swallowing

Pharynx: Connection between mouth and nose

Vegas Nerve: The longest nerve in the body controlling the involuntary sensory functions including breathing


Medical Areas Covered By Vishuddhi Chakra or Throat Chakra

Sore Throat: A condition in which the throat chokes due to shrinkage or when faced with extreme conditions such as heat and cold together

Laryngitis: An infection in the larynx, the breathing cord

Asthma: A problem of the lungs where they gasp for proper fresh air because the nerves shrink and the fresh air inhaled doesn’t reach the lungs, so asthma pumps are used to dilate the nerves, deliver the oxygen, and stop the attack

Loss of Taste: A condition that occurs, mainly due to viral infection wherein the tongue is not able to taste anything better

Difficulty in swallowing: Similar to what happens in Laryngitis, the bolus is not able to move below the food pipe or esophagus and thus there is a blockage in the food pipe leading to difficulty in swallowing food

Difficulty in speaking: The choking of the throat makes the voice dim and the person becomes introverted as they cannot speak for the time being.

Difficulty in expressing something: The person is unable to explain themselves because whatever they say is not getting registered in someone’s memory

Paranoia:  Rampant fear of something worse about to happen that can be true or hoax but extremely obnoxious

Insecurity: A situation where someone excels at something and the other person is highly jealous or unsure as to how they will have to tackle this

Agoraphobia: Fear of being able to escape from heavily populated region or events


Mantra for Vishuddhi Chakra (Throat Chakra)



Lucky Color of Vishuddhi Chakra or Throat Chakra



Lucky Number of Vishuddhi Chakra or Throat Chakra

16 (Solah/Sixteen)


Ruling Planet of Vishuddhi Chakra or Throat Chakra

Saturn (Shani)


Ruling God of Vishuddhi Chakra or Throat Chakra

Lord Shiva (Neelkanth): The one who prevents bad from happening to his people

Goddess Saraswati: The one who is worshipped for knowledge, intelligence, and wit


Yoga Poses That Will Help Vishuddhi Chakra or Throat Chakra

Shoulder Standing Pose (Sarvaangasana)

Upward Lotus Pose (Urdhva Padmasana)

Plough Pose (Halasana) 


Rudraksha Suited For Vishuddhi Chakra or Throat Chakra

6 Mukhi Rudraksha: For decision making, logical thinking, and communicating the same for better implementation of the same


9 Mukhi Rudraksha: To be able to speak against the bad, the wrong, and the unjust to make amends or create an uproar till the topic is not settled even if the matter is for someone else and not just one person


13 Mukhi Rudraksha: For better connection with physicality and attention seeking for the better


10 Mukhi Rudraksha: To be able to manage things better by being able to talk about needs and wants in a better way.


14 Mukhi Rudraksha: To manage the most obvious issue of Saturn and remove fear and fright from any equation, it is important to make the person confident enough to talk about anything they feel or desire.


This was all about Vishuddhi Chakra or Heart Chakra which we have talked about in the above blog. We would love to know if there was anything extra to be added from your end in this and we shall see you super soon with a new blog again. Till then, connect with Rudraksha Hub at or and we shall be happy to help you..!!

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