Nakshatras and Hindu Vedic Science Explained

Nakshatras and Hindu Vedic Science Explained

What is Nakshatra?

We all know that the Sun is in the center of the Universe, right?

So, that means, there is more to the universe than Sun, obviously because it is in the center.


This means, all the objects in the Universe are traveling or staying around the Sun and maybe at some distance from the Sun.


So the question arises, why don’t they fly away here and there?




Why don’t they reshuffle, Sun comes in between, or something else comes in the center?


So then it was discovered that the Sun is a powerful star with a binding force that keeps certain objects in its purview and doesn’t let them randomly move or fly away.


This strong binding force is called gravitational force.


So, now we know that every object having a gravitational force has an orbit in which this force works.


So, our Sun also has an orbit, and for all the units in the existing aeronautical world, the Sun tries to keep them in its orbit with its gravitational force.


But if the force was so strong, why would these objects wait?


Why not fly too close to the Sun and merge in?


So then it was discovered that every planet also has its gravitational force and thus a gravitational orbit.


Out of everything that was flying around in the Sun’s orbit, it was discovered that there were nine strictly defined, elliptical orbits for nine heavenly objects and these were coined as planets.


Now the job was to see that if each of these planets has their gravitational orbit then what happens after that?


So learned men discovered that these planets or Grahas revolve around the Sun in a specific orbit due to the clash of the varying gravitational force.


And exactly due to the same clash of gravity, each planet rotates on its axis also as per the force.

You’ll think, this was supposed to be Astrology but why is it all Astronomy, right?


The reason is simple. To understand one science, an understanding of a different science is also important.


The Astrology


So when the Earth’s orbit was discovered, it was seen that Earth revolved around the Sun but rotated on its axis as well.


In other words, it took 24 hours for the Moon to take one round of Earth.


When the Moon is at different locations, it shows different shapes from the same location on Earth.


But in reality, the Moon is complete and in 28 days, every person can see the whole cycle of the Moon thus, each section where the Moon changes shape is referred to as one Lunar day or Mansion, and since the Moon either takes 27 days or 28 days and thus there are 27 or 28 Nakshatras as per the person’s location.


In short, a constellation created concerning the Moon is called a Nakshatra and since there are many constellations, but only 27 to 28 constellations with some proper meaning to it, they are considered the main Nakshatras.


The Belief

It is believed that each Nakshatra has a different Ruling God, a different ruling planet, and even a different lucky letter, number, and color because each Nakshatra for each constellation pulls in some kind of energy and that energy needs to be translated properly into the people so that they can achieve the major and minor targets in their lives easily.

There are multiple stories regarding the nomenclature of different Nakshatras and their features and they are either as per the specific significances that led to the creation of that Nakshatra or that Nakshatra led to the particular story to happen and thereby, both became an object of significance.


Rudraksha As Per the Nakshatras

There is a huge role of Nakshatras in a person’s life because Nakshatras define how the constellation will make life for the particular person. Also, the ruling energies of the planets and Grahas will make or break the person in the focus, and thus, even if the people might not know, Nakshatras play a very important role in the person’s Kundali reading, and astrological reading if the process followed is Hindu Vedic Astrology.


In this series, we will discuss the specific Nakshatras, their story, their location, and the Rudraksha beads that are important to control anything negative or unwanted that can hamper the person's growth in focus.


Names Of All The Nakshatras

  1. Ashwini
  2. Bharini
  3. Krittika
  4. Rohini
  5. Mrigshira
  6. Ardra
  7. Punarvasu
  8. Pushya
  9. Ashlesha
  10. Magha
  11. Poorvafalguni
  12. Uttarafalguni
  13. Hasta
  14. Chitra
  15. Swati
  16. Vishakha
  17. Anuradha
  18. Jyeshtha
  19. Moola
  20. Poorva Aashadha
  21. Uttara Aashadha
  22. Abhijit
  23. Shravana
  24. Dhanishtha
  25. Shatbhisha
  26. Poorva Bhadrapada
  27. Uttara Bhadrapada
  28. Revati


We’ll be updating every Nakshatra with Rudraksha beads slowly. Stay tuned for more updates


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