5 Ways to Remove Laziness

5 Ways to Remove Laziness

5 Ways To Remove Laziness


Lazyness is a state of mind wherein the body does not get any motivating signals from the brain to work on something. For example, if there is anything that a person desires to do, but they are not doing it because they don’t feel like it, they are lazying around or procrastinating.


It is very common to see youngsters calling themselves pro-procrastinators. There is a mentality in people wherein they do not want to do something purely because they are not interested.


This is when either the work is too boring to do, or too mundane to perform. Sometimes, also because there is a lot of time to do that job, people tend to not listen to the aspects of discipline and they keep loitering around, pushing the work away.


Many times, procrastination is an effect of depression, anxiety, and stress disorder. So there is a high chance that the person is not procrastinating on choice but out of discomfort of looking at something or working with something that is even more stressful to life and thus, a little too difficult for the person to deal with given the poor mental health state.


All these are not exhaustive reasons which means there can be a whole lot of other reasons why people procrastinate or lay around lazily. But there is a step-wise permanent solution for the same as well.


So if you are the one who with the fact that you do not like to initiate working on something almost immediately or you tend to push around the timeline till the last moment only to panic later, here are some tips for you to start making sense of your lives and not make it a habit to keep pushing around or be pushed around by circumstances you create due to your negligence.


Step 1: Jot down what you think is important for you.

This is a very simple step inspired by journaling. Just randomly note down everything you have to do in the order that you can remember. It could be cleaning your room, it could be calling your mom, making that PPT your boss asked you to rework, that assignment you had to submit later in the week, meeting a friend, going to market to stock up on groceries, or even cleaning your gallery or working upon exercising or whatever it is.


Start writing down everything you can remember that you have to do someday but you are only waiting till the kingdom comes. Write down without leaving out anything. If you feel something is too random and stupid, still write it down. We shall follow the spit first, clean later wherein we will first only write and then decide the degree of importance to something.


Also, who is to judge you except you? So worry not and write.


Step 2: Organize and arrange

Now is the time to sort, manage, arrange, segregate, and make a proper list under headings and as per priorities.


When you write things down, some things get cleared up in your head. Main questions like What, Why, How, Who, When, and Where get answered when you write because after you have scribbled everything you felt was there to do, now you will have to arrange with the order of need and preference and time.


This will give you a whole lot of clarity and you will at least know in the initial phase only, what not to do, and thus, what to do will become one step closer.


Start prioritizing your list. Give numbers to what is to be done first and then next which one and then next and then on and on, let the list take shape.


After this, go through everything again and see if that is the final order you want to stick to or make a change. Do not stop till properly convinced. Reorder as many times as you want and once you are done, see if you already feel sorted.


Maybe you would now want to strike off a few non-important, useless, or stupid things you have written just as a muse.


But what is important is you have at least the top ten things at the top of your head and the top five you need to do before you take your next breath or blink your next eyelash.


Step 3: Add a timeline to the final ten tasks you have

As it is we have established that you have at least ten things you have to do and at least five things you have to do as of yesterday. So now, we need to adjust the time to the same thing.


So, start adding time to each task like “To finish by Wednesday 8 PM” or “By EOD today” or “In next 1 hour”.


Make sure to add your element to it and timeline it your way. Don’t follow what the world does. Follow what you can do when you give your best effort.


Remember to add rest hours while adding time. The entire purpose of this exercise is to make you believe that you need to work at efficiency and that can be maintained with proper rest. So working with a little dose of entertainment and sufficient rest is the key to success. Otherwise, if you burn out yourself, then there is no need to make a chart as we will all procrastinate again with nothing to help this time.


So while adding a timeline to your list of doables, some tasks will be needed as of now, and even if you desire to rest, you cannot. So when you have the liberty to assign time to something else that does not itself come with a timeline, first calculate the rest hours and then calculate the work hours and that’s how you get a realistic timetable for your harmonious work schedule.


Step 4: Keep everything aside and do that one thing that can motivate you in the darkest of your time.

To get started on your progress path, sometimes we need to get ourselves hyped up in the right moment, in the right manner and it is crazy how different things make different people happy and motivated.


The baseline is simple. Before you start your grind, make your mind happy and then motivate it to start on with the work. So, start with anything that makes you happy, like watching a snippet of a movie, reading a page of your favorite book talking to your friend for some time playing a short game of your choice, or anything that can make you believe that your happiness quota for the day has taken place and now it is time for you to get serious.


When you start happy, you work happier. When you start stressed, you never work but are constantly in stress. So please yourself, but do not make it too long. Tell yourself that just 5 minutes and then I will go back to the schedule I just made.


You can also motivate yourself by listening to music or a podcast or anything and then remember that there is nothing that you cannot do except stop yourself from really achieving something better.


When you are all set and ready to start working, or when your brain pushes you to start working, you are all geared up and there is just one more thing you need to do before you start working.


Step 5: Distance away from all distractions

It is true that whatever you decide, however motivated you are, there will always be that one thing that can distract you. It could be a call or message from a friend, it could be social media in general, news that might interest you, a thought that might amuse you to get distracted, or just plain boredom with the task you have decided to work on, but there will be some distraction from somewhere.


This is when you need to resolve to not get distracted and work upon your resolve or just get distracted for a little time and then come back again to work seriously again. While the former is an expectation, the latter is a crude reality, and even more so, the person who gets distracted once makes everything go down the drain. They know they are not right and yet they will choose the distraction.


The worst thing these distractions can do is to make all your resolves go to waste. You will never be motivated enough to work with the same seriousness and you will never be able to give up on your bad habit of procrastination.


So, before you begin, get yourself away from all possible sources of distraction even if you feel you will not be distracted. Keep the mobile phone face down and on silent mode. Mute notifications and sound on your laptop if it is not needed. Keep away from that food plate, book, or game, and only focus on your task. 


If needed, paste a motivational quote right above your head so that the moment you look up thinking of something that can distract you while you are in the flow, that quote makes you go back to your work again and you save yourself a lot of embarrassment in your eyes only.


You can also set up an alarm on your phone or clock so that you work for at least 45 minutes straight and then only get up for something else. The reason for 45 minutes is that the human brain can concentrate on something for 45 minutes and then it will start getting tired. So, if you work for 45 minutes straight and then recharge yourself with a 10-minute short gap, your mind will automatically gear up in the next 5 minutes to start again.


Step 6: This is only for those who can stick to Steps 1 to Step 5.

So if you are wondering why you have decided everything and your list is ready then why do you need this step, you are right. You have started working. You have started seeing good results and you don’t need this step. Just skip this and go, and enjoy your improved lifestyle. Go have fun with your newfound trick to make yourself better. Go tell others how you could finally beat your inconsistencies and improve your work etiquette.


But if you feel that there is more to life than just these book-ish steps. There is more to never get into this trap again. There is more to making yourself better not just in procrastination or laziness but also in target setting, and strategically aligning your goals, dreams, aspirations, and decision-making skills, you need to consider the possibility of owning a 6 Mukhi Rudraksha.


6 Mukhi Rudraksha is the bead of Venus planet and Lord Kartikeya, the Skand son of Goddess Durga. Venus planet as per Hindu astrology is Shukra Grah, which is meant for the person’s mental and emotional betterment as well as Lord Kartikeya was the war chief and thus he is the guide to making logical, thoughtful, and strategized decisions in the toughest times. So the wearer of 6 Mukhi Rudraksha gets the motivation to kill their bad habits, stop procrastination, remove laziness, think logically, make informed decisions, take rational steps to make things better for themselves and others, and manage anger by having a better mental and emotional condition.


So if you are someone who needs freedom from procrastination, try following these six steps and post this if it makes a difference in your life, we would be more than happy to see you become influencers for your loved ones too. Share this knowledge with a maximum number of people and make sure to remember Rudraksha Hub for more such amazing life advice only under our segment Timeless Tuesdays.


Till then, we will be available at WhatsApp wa.me/918542929702 or info@rudrakshahub.com for all your questions, feedback, and queries and we shall be happy to help you in all regards. Have a great time ahead and stay happy..!!

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