5 Steps to Disease Free Living

5 Steps to Disease Free Living

5 Things for a Disease-Free Life

Diseases are the worst nightmare of any person. No one enjoys being ill or taking loads of medicines. We all desire a life wherein no external chemical has to enter our bodies and treat it as a canvas for their experiments and yet, we all face instances of ill health more often than we imagine.


So what should a person do to avoid this once and for all?


Here are five steps or processes that will help you gather the courage to say goodbye to poor health, unwanted medicines, and an unhappy lifestyle.


1. Exercise

Every day, when we wake up, we know our body needs exercise. It is a conscious understanding for all of us that our bodies need exercise to not just stay in shape but also be quick, energetic, and happy. 


Exercise is something that regulates apt blood flow in the body, regulates proper oxygen in the brain and lungs, and better digestion of food. Also, it strengthens our immune system and makes a person more and more accepting of external factors in life that are otherwise impossible to achieve.


Whenever you fall ill and you visit a doctor, more often than not the doctor suggests you some medicine but also a lot of other exercises so that you never fall ill again. Why?


The doctor can just keep giving you a bulk load of medicines and wait till you keep running their meter. But they understand that the body is not made by medicines. Only preserved by them.


Therefore, if you want to be healthy and happy and live a long life with zero side effects, do remember to lose some extra inches and stay healthy by proper exercising.


However, keep in mind that not all exercises are made for everyone. So you also need to know what is suited best for you and engage in that course of action only. But, never say goodbye to exercise only because something doesn’t suit your body because like every mind is different, everybody is different too. 


So research your fair share and make sure that your body gets what it deserves to provide you with a pain-free, stress-free, happier life.


2. Eat Healthy

Bad food habits constitute a major chunk of a person’s poor health. Irregular eating, improper eating, unguarded eating, and impulsive eating lead to a poor metabolism which results in extreme conditions of digestion issues and poor health management.


Acidity, gastritis, stomach ulcers, kidney failure, liver failure, intestine issues, and even effects on the heart and lungs can happen due to poor eating and drinking habits. A balanced diet with an equal amount of protein, fats, glucose, vitamins, and fibers is the one that is supposed to naturally keep the body healthy.


Absence of these makes the person deficient in something and that can lead to a decline in the person’s physical or mental health. Eating better and eating right makes the person more and more efficient as it keeps the brain active and the person is therefore able to eat and work and sleep on time. This makes them better suited to face issues in daily life challenges.


Thus, when you eat right and exercise properly, you do not need to rely on medicines more than important and that can help you be fit, healthy, and happy.


So make sure to control your diet in the right manner to make a positive change in your life and avoid painful, stressful, expensive diseases from even touching you.


3. Drink Water and Hydrants

A lot of people tend to ignore the fact that water is not just any liquid, but it is the source of life. If you do not drink enough water, there will be a lot of things in your body that will not be able to function well.


Imagine a mixer grinder in which you have put certain dry ingredients and they are supposed to make a balanced consistency. They can be ground well. They can be mixed well. But can they absorbed well in any place in any circumstance? The answer is No. The reason? Powder substance is impossible to enter the smallest of places and thus, if there was water, the grinding would have become easy and the distribution even easier.


Now replace the grinder with the human body and you know why water is the most essential thing. For the external body, water is used to clean the impurities while for the internal body, if there are any impurities, water is needed to flush them clean from the body. The only way this is possible is with an ample amount of drinking water.


There are many good ways of drinking water. You need not just drink plain water as much as you are told. You can experiment with taste a little. You can add Cucumber or Ginger or Lemon or Mint to water and drink it during summer to keep you hydrated and also allow the nutrition from these elements to enter your body for good. Also, when the taste of the palette changes, there is a possibility of increased consumption making the person more and more appealing and therefore, happier.


An ample amount of water cleanses the system, flushes the waste, detoxifies the body, and hydrates the organs. This way, nothing can infect the perfectly fine body and the person lives happily.


Water even cleans the skin and makes it glowing and smooth. This is why it has an aesthetic advantage attached to it as well and thus, if there is anyone who wants to know why water is important for their lives, then they should experiment with and without water. Maybe they will understand the difference.


So, when everything in life needs to be sorted, make sure to manage your drinking habits along with exercise and eating habits and you will never see that you have to look for help in another direction.


4. Take Medical Care

By saying that you do not want to eat medicine, or you do not like medicine, you cannot always evade medicine. There are a lot of things that need an external care and an external help. There are a lot of things that need to be just perfect with the medicines. If something has gone wrong due to nature’s will, there is a need to rectify that first and then proceed to anything after that.


So, if you are ill, or if medicine is a way to treat your issues, you should not avoid eating the same. You should consult a doctor, and follow the medical guidelines.


Having said this, no person gets a discount from living a normal, happier life just because they are eating medicine. So, if you are eating medicine, still make sure to keep up with the guided exercise patterns, proper and timely eating habits, good drinking habits, and also, good and proper medical care.


Keep an eye on your body vitals and keep taking an expert opinion before you follow any random person on the internet. You need to learn to evaluate what you desire the most and how you plan on achieving the same because a car is considered in good condition when all four tires and the engine of the car are running. 


Even if one of the parts malfunctions, the entire thing is bound to fail, and thus, if we want our bodies to adapt to everything around it, there has to be a proper method by which the person can bounce back and become fit to be working again. All this is possible with proper medical aid and guidance. So start now and you will not regret it later.


5. Spirituality

Yes, spirituality. You read that right. It is not just about keeping your physical self happy and fit to achieve a disease-free living or a pain-free lifestyle there are a lot of things a person needs to take care of to become pain-free, disease-free, and hazard-free. Apart from a few points mentioned above, a clean, strong, and powerful mind is also very important to achieve a task.


For this purpose, the person has to know the importance of their culture of the past and how the people in ancient times handled the issues they are facing now. Everyone takes examples from their elders and these examples turn to inspiration and slowly they can help the person in a better manner.

So, when the person is fit physically with exercise, healthy internally due to good eating habits, and fresh due to great medical care, there is just one more thing needed and that is mental health so that after every objective is achieved, there is nothing that can hold you back.


So, our Hindu religion enlists four things that can help keep all of us very happy and disease-free for a longer and pain-free lifestyle.


a. Mahamrityunjaya Jaap

We all know the Mantra “Om Trayambakam Yaja Mahe, Sugandhim Pushti Vardhanam, Purva Rukmiwa Bandhanan, Mrityurmukshiya Mamri Taat” which means Hail the keeper of Three Loks, the one who wears scent of wholesomeness, the one who increases the odor in everything, the one who controls the past, present and the future, the preserver of good and the destroyer of evil, kindly free me from all the powers and evil spirits that can kill me and take my life away.


This is a very powerful mantra as mentioned in the Vishnu Purana and thus, the continuous recitation of this Mantra 1.25 lakh times will make the person evade evil and illness in life as well as make the person capable of being the better version of themselves.


This mantra jaap is considered to make the person immortal in plain and obvious situations and also makes the person prone to positivity, growth, pain, and disease-free. This is a relieving mantra so if the problem is too huge and there is no way that it will ever end, as the world is mortal, then this Mantra will also free the person from the cycle of life and death and let the soul set free.


The importance of the Mantra depends upon the worshipper’s situation and thus, if the person is ready to take action to protect themselves in entirety, a Mahamrityunjaya Jaap of 1 lakh twenty Five Thousand Mantras is important to manage the same level of legacy.


Get your Mahamrityunjaya Mantra Jaap 1.25 Jaap done in Varanasi (Kashi) today. Also, get your Maha Mrityunjaya Yantra here.


b. Feng Shui Tortoise

Feng Shui is an adapted Chinese culture reference. The early inhabitants of the Chinese domain believed in petting Tortoise from freshwater lakes so that they could have the blessing of the long age span these Tortoise have.


We all know that Tortoise or Turtle can live up to 250 years and thus, petting them would make the soul of the human connected with the soul of the tortoise, so the human will also stay as long and fresh and pain-free and disease-free. Hence, a lot of people started petting Tortoise for their long and happy lifestyle.


Now carrying this tradition, there are a lot of people who cannot keep doing this. Not everyone can pet a Tortoise in their place due to the absence of resources geographical conditions time or expertise. Thus, a symbolic representation of a Tortoise in a freshwater bowl became a better method of gaining a long, disease-free, pain-free lifestyle with no problems and no errors.


Get your Tortoise with Crystal Bowl here and enjoy your fair share of happiness with the same.


c. Akaal Mrityu Mahakaal Kawach

Mrityu or death is the ultimate goal. Everything that lives has to die one day. But it is very important to note that not every time and not everything is immortal and not everything is mortal as well.


There is a fixed time for life and death of various things and beings and that cannot be altered. However, sometimes, some unforeseen forces can force a reaction no one expects and thus, there has to be a safeguard against this as well.


Akaal Mrityu Kawach is just the same thing. When a person’s luck is pushing him to land in a scenario from where there is no escape and the person has to enter the trap due to compulsion in the scenario, then overturning the wheels of fortune to outshine like a superstar is not an easy task and more often than not, there are high chances of being succumbed to the scenario.


Still, with the Akaal Mrityu Kawach, it is possible to avoid the impending damages, and thus, everyone needs to understand that however tempting it seems, there is always a chance to escape a problem if the right measures if the right antidote is taken right before the holocaust.


Order your piece of Akaal Mrityu mahakaal kawach here.


d. Neelam (Blue Sapphire) Gemstone

A lot of people do not know but Blue Sapphire gemstone is one of the most powerful gemstones in the universe. It can make or mar a person within seconds. There is a high chance that the person becomes better in what they do with this stone or becomes even more useless with this stone with just a snap.


Blue Sapphire is ruled by Saturn, the planet of ill-omen and bad luck and there is a huge chance that the wearer of Blue Sapphire is subject to issues and problems in life. But Blue Sapphire or Neelam will try its best to avoid these issues and at least bring out the wearer from these if there is any chance at the first instance.


This is why, if you have to live happily ever after, live pain-free, and live disease-free, make sure to have Neelam or Blue Sapphire in your life if it suits you and if it is recommended to you.


Do not wear Neelam if it is not recommended to you because if your body does not acclimatize with Neelam, then there is no chance that you will survive a tough situation.


Neelam is a gemstone that is highly priced and highly valued, so whenever you have to order, make sure to contact us here.


These were the five steps to keep you happy and successful for a long without pain, mystery, and prolonged issues.


If you can follow these to the T, there is a very high chance of you also bringing back your life to your track.


Remember, you are what you want to be. So if you want to live a pain-free, happy life, no one can stop you therefore, you must take these steps we shall be very happy to support you in case you need our help in any manner.


We are available at wa.me/918542929702 or info@rudrakshahub.com and we shall be happy to answer all the queries suggestions and feedback in whichever way you want. Till then, stay happy, keep reading, and continue worshipping with Rudraksha Hub..!!

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