3 Steps to Successful Vastu: Why Steps Built In Multiples of 3?

3 Steps to Successful Vastu: Why Steps Built In Multiples of 3?

3 Steps to Successful Vastu: Why Steps Built In Multiples of 3?

If you are a resident of India or have visited India, you might have seen that many places make stairs in the multiples of 3 here. If you have ever constructed your own home, you might have overheard Vastu experts say that you make stairs in multiple of 3. Even your workers, mason, carpenter, everyone will advise you to make in numbers of three as it is very auspicious.


Have you ever wondered why three?


Have you ever tried to reason with the multiples of 2, 4, or 5?


If yes, you know you were shut down. If not, here is why.


There are two logical reasons why stairs are always made in multiple of 3. The first one is a Hinduism-based mythological answer and the other one is a scientific approach supporting the practice. Let us know about each other and admire the beauty of our ancestors who made sure they made everything in perfect tandem for us younglings to follow effectively.


The story follows the traces of Lord Vishnu’s Vamana Avatar.


There was a mighty king, Hirankashyapu who considered himself God. His son Prahlad was his opposite and worshipped Lord Vishnu. Hirankashyapu hated this and he decided that whatever happened, he would never let his devil rule end if this would mean his son was to be killed.


Hirankashyapu tried a lot of things under his sleeve and he even lost his sister in due course but he could not get his son Prahlad killed.


Then one day he decided that he would take matters into his own hands and he went on to kill Prahlad by himself. At this, Lord Vishnu, who had saved Prahlad several other times came out in open sight as Narsingh to save Prahlad once again and this time, he even killed Hirankashyapu by finding a loophole in his boon of immortality.


This had established a peaceful and happy life again for a lot of people and after this, Prahlad made sure that religion was never at a loss just because someone had something devilish in their heads.


Unfortunately, Prahlad’s grandson, Bali, who had regained the throne from his ancestors, had obtained wrong ideas from his surroundings, which corrupted his mind. He wanted to bring back the devil rule back into power and he was ready to sacrifice anything for the same.


King Bali asked his court advisor Shankaracharya what it took to bring back the devil's rule and he was told that he would need to perform the Vishwajeet Yagya, which meant the Homa to Win the World.


King Bali performed the entire Yagya as he was advised and then at the end of the same, he was given lots of boons, a heavenly chariot, and a golden quiver that never runs out of arrows.


King Bali knew that his types of equipment were too strong and thus he waged a war against the Gods since the Gods failed mercilessly at the hands of King Bali, they had to run to different hideouts to save their lives.


A sage named Kashyap, who was one of the most powerful sages in the Kingdom, was seeing all this destruction and was getting worried because Kashyap was married to two wives: Diti, who gave birth to the devils, and Aditi who gave birth to the Gods.


Aditi who was disturbed with everything happening asked Kashyap what to do and he suggested that only Lord Vishnu can do something in this like he did last time. So Aditi worshipped Lord Vishnu for multiple days.


When Lord Vishnu finally accepted Aditi’s prayers, she was asked for a boon and she said she wanted Lord Vishnu to finish what was happening.


Lord Vishnu had to decline the same saying that only the brother of the Gods and the Devils had the right and power to do anything in this and since there was no one as powerful born yet, it was impossible.


But since Aditi had completed her meditation successfully, she was eligible for a boon from Lord Vishnu, and thus, Aditi got another chance to ask.


Aditi requested Lord Vishnu to take birth from her womb and then since he would be the half-brother to both Gods and Devils, he would be able to finish this rampant hate and crime everywhere.


Lord Vishnu had to accept this and thus, he was born as a dwarf to Aditi. He was named Vaman, of someone with short height.


Meanwhile, King Bali was told that he had to perform a cycle of hundred full-fledged Yagyas and at the end of every Yagya, he had to generously give away a huge portion of his wealth to the public to extend his rule and become as powerful as his great grandfather Hirankashyapu. When he does this 100 times, he will be able to rule the world with no one to spare and then he can have his devil-rule established and can never be challenged.


King Bali was excited and he started the Homa for the long life of his kingdom and his rule. He had already finished ninety-nine Yagyas and had distributed almost a huge amount of wealth already till there were no more takers. King Bali wanted to find at least one person who would take something so that he could perform the hundredth Yagya and become invincible.


While he was preparing for the last Hawan, he saw a dwarf Brahmin approach him with shabby clothes and an unkempt body. He looked as poor as there could be anyone and as small as a young four-year-old child.


The dwarf Brahmin, Vamana, introduced himself and asked if he could ask for what he wanted as a gift. 


King Bali approved the same and the dwarf Brahmin requested for three steps of land measured by him on his foot.


King Bali was ready to give out way more and thus he was shocked. This was not what he had expected.


He wanted to know what Vaman would do with just three steps of land and that too, with his tiny steps.


But since Vamana never spoke about it more, King Bali also agreed.


After the Yagya was over and it was Vamana’s turn to measure the three steps in his choice of place, Vamana in Lord Vishnu’s incarnation started growing in size. He grew to be a supergiant and he grew beyond what King Bali could imagine thus, when he finally stopped growing, he took his first step and measured the Indralok (the heaven which was earlier ruled by Lord Indra who fled after King Bali took over his throne). In the second step, Vamana measured the entire Yamlok (the nether world or the underground world which was ruled by Yam and who had to flee the scene after King Bali took over).


After taking the first two steps, Vamana had already measured the Sky and the nether world.


King Bali knew by now that he was dealing with something way more powerful and that he messed up with the wrong person. So, he knew that there was no way he was going to win this and it was his time to end the pursuit of being the ultimate powerful.


Vamana asked King Bali if he was promised three steps of the land but there was no more space remaining and this would be bad on King Bali’s part. So King Bali offered his head for Lord Vishnu to place his feet and bless King Bali to never be this lost in the greed of power and authority.


Vamana placed his third foot on King Bali’s head and this way he gained back everything that King Bali looted from everyone in just three steps.


Since King Bali had completed all the hundred Yagyas and he had also completed all the wishes of every person, he too deserved a result and thus, King Bali was given the kingdom of Sutara to rule it forever until his ancestors took over.


Now if we see clearly, the first step was to gather the heaven. The second step was to gather the place in hell and the third step was to get the results of what one deserves and rule forever with pride and peace.


This is why stairs are also made in multiples of three. The first step represents Indra or heaven. The second step represents Yam or hell. The third step represents success, glory, peace, and calmness.


So after death, if the person has done good deeds, they will get heaven and if they have done the bad deeds, they will get hell. But those who are alive and they are working hard, also need something for their life and living every day which they will get only with their belief system and value system in the living life. So the third step of the stairs is for the present life and its giving.


This is why if you are getting a staircase made, as per Vastu, there are several things to keep in mind like the direction of the stair, design, location, style, and the like but one more important thing is to make sure that the number of steps is also in tandem for the results desired.


Now this was the Hindu Vedic Astrology reason why there should be multiple of 3 used to make stairs. There a scientific and physiological reasons too.


A lot of people have the habit of starting climbing with their right foot and they follow on to the next stair with their left foot. Now right foot is considered the auspicious one and the left one is considered the devilish one. So if you start with the right foot, you are staring at a happy note but since the last foot is the left one, it will end with a sad and devious turn so it becomes inauspicious.


Also, if the person starts with the left foot then they are to face a lot of issues in their journey even if they are to finish on the right foot and end on a happy note. The solution to this is to make the staircase in multiples of three so that the motion of Right, Left, and Right is followed and the beginning and end both are secured with happiness even if the journey is a little not-so-desired.


Another reason is that when the odd number of stairs are to be walked up, then the foot with which the person starts becomes the foot with which the person ends and psychologically, this makes the person more satisfied as a complete closure is available to the person. This is a psychological advantage that the person receives. Thus, having the stairs in multiples of 3 makes the entire setup astrology-friendly, mythology-friendly, Vastu-friendly, and psychologically friendly as well as scientifically friendly.


So the next time you see a staircase, remember to measure the number of steps but this time, count it with Indra, Yam, Raj, Indra Yam, Raj, and try to sound cool in front of someone you would want to. 


Let Indra be the place you want to be, let Yam be the place you don’t want to see yourself in. Let Raj be the situation you desire wherein you rule the world of Kalyug and see a new tomorrow with greater good and can lead by example.


That was all about today. We shall meet you in the next video with something new and amazing. Till then, have a great day, and keep worshipping with Rudraksha Hub..!!


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