17 Mukhi Rudraksha: Benefits, Importance and Significance

17 Mukhi Rudraksha: Benefits, Importance and Significance

17 Mukhi Rudraksha: Importance, Benefits, Significance

In the context of Hindu spirituality, 17 Mukhi Rudraksha emerges as a beacon of hope, specifically woven to enhance the fabric of married life. This sacred bead, revered for generations, possesses unique attributes that can bring joy and harmony to your marriage.


For those facing challenges in their marital journey, the 17 Mukhi Rudraksha pendant acts as a spiritual guide. Its energies are believed to dissolve conflicts and foster understanding, creating a harmonious space for growth and love.


What is 17 Mukhi Rudraksha?

17 Mukhi Rudraksha is considered a divine blessing for matrimonial happiness. At its core, 17 Mukhi Rudraksha is a boon for those seeking a harmonious marital journey. The bead's energies are believed to provide unparalleled benefits, transforming the dynamics of relationships.


Devotees believe that this divine bead aligns with the energies of Lord Vishvakarma, the celestial architect. This alignment is said to bring divine craftsmanship into the union, crafting a resilient and enduring bond.


Beyond its role in marriage, the 17 Mukhi Rudraksha becomes a companion in meditation. Wear it with reverence, and as you delve into spiritual practices, feel the bead's calming influence enhancing your inner peace.


How to Wear 17 Mukhi Rudraksha?

Wearing a 17 Mukhi Rudraksha pendant is more than just a tradition; it's a powerful ritual. The bead is said to dissolve obstacles, paving the way for a happy and settled married life. As you embark on this sacred journey, the sacred blessings of the Rudraksha infuse positivity into your marriage.


Ruling God of 17 Mukhi Rudraksha

In general, Lord Vishwakarma, the God of architectural insight and the God of design and execution rules 17 Mukhi Rudraksha. But this bead is also blessed by Goddess Katyayani for the people who are not getting married. The fact is that while Lord Vishwakarma helps in the creation of materialistic architectural structures, Goddess Katyayani helps in laying bricks of a good and happy married life for the wearer.


Ruling Planet of 17 Mukhi Rudraksha

17 Mukhi Rudraksha is ruled by several planets starting with Saturn. Then there is Venus and also Mercury. Shani or Saturn is the major ruler of 17 Mukhi Rudraksha wherein it helps in managing the evil eyes that can spoil the start of something good and new. Venus or Shukra is related to managing accidental coincidences so that there is no lag in the outcome. Also, Mercury or Budh is the planet of impossibles wherein any far-away impossibilities that make the life of the wearer good or bad are also to be managed to yield good results only.


Mantra of 17 Mukhi Rudraksha


17 Mukhi Rudraksha is energized by chanting the following mantra

Aum Hreem Hoom Hoom Namah


Best Day to Wear 17 Mukhi Rudraksha


There is no demarcation upon which day is good to wear 17 Mukhi Rudraksha as it contains the benefits of a lot of planets and Gods and Goddesses. So, 17 Mukhi Rudraksha is good to be worn on Monday, the day of the most desired God, Lord Shiva.


Story of 17 Mukhi Rudraksha

In the sacred scripts of Hindu mythology, the origin of the 17 Mukhi Rudraksha is mentioned under the divine shadow of Goddess Katyayani. Vedas claim that the bead emerged from the teardrops of Katyayani, the sixth manifestation of Goddess Durga, during her intense penance for marital happiness.


When Katyayani was meditating to get the groom of her choice, she wanted to give it her all. Her body was undergoing deep changes and her eyes were twitching to open and close or do some movement. She managed to keep her calm and thus, she found herself in real pain. The pain was so bad that her eyes wept 17 drops of tears which were then blessed by Lord Shiva as an acceptance of her penance and granted her the wish of a suitable life partner like himself. So, 17 Mukhi Rudraksha was said to have the blessings of Goddess Katyayani for marriage and settled life.


Endowed with the blessings of Katyayani, the 17 Mukhi Rudraksha is revered as a powerful symbol of divine intervention in matters of marriage. Those seeking wedded harmony turn to this bead, believing in its ability to appease the goddess and invoke her blessings. The bead's significance lies in its connection to the celestial energies of Goddess Katyayani, making it a beacon of hope for those in need.


For individuals facing challenges in marriage, the 17 Mukhi Rudraksha stands as a spiritual ally, a sacred conduit to seek the divine grace of Goddess Katyayani, and a means to navigate the intricate tapestry of matrimonial bliss.


Another story that is very commonly talked about is how 17 Mukhi Rudraksha helps in the architectural insights of the modern age. Lord Vishwakarma took 17 days to finalize how he wanted to structure today’s world and thus, 17 Mukhi Rudraksha was known as his bead for the people who want to build, create, or bring together multiple ideas to make a home which is not just good but also blessed. Generally, new couples like to own a house in their names to leave as an inheritance for their young ones and thus, 17 Mukhi Rudraksha is a good bead for this purpose.


Benefits of 17 Mukhi Rudraksha

Marriage life simplified: Marriage is the beginning of a new life with new people in your life. 17 Mukhi Rudraksha is also the bead of uniting two people meant to be together for an eternity and be the face of change for themselves as well as others in some other aspects.

Architectural Heaven: A person wearing 17 Mukhi Rudraksha will get access to the architectural insights of Lord Vishwakarma, who built this world and structured everything in it as it is so that there are no malfunctions.

Conflict Resolution: There are a lot of times when people have been facing huge conflict situations wherein either they land in due to their faults or due to someone else’s fault. In such a case, conflict needs a resolution or it takes a dire situation. To avoid any such happening, 17 Mukhi Rudraksha proves its presence.

Matrimonial Harmony: The wearer of 17 Mukhi Rudraksha is subject to marital peace and blessing. People who wear 17 Mukhi Rudraksha are the ones who get the chance to have good marital harmony amongst each other and be the best version of themselves.

Meditation and Peace: Although all Rudraksha beads are very good for meditation and mental peace, 17 Mukhi Rudraksha is the bead for calmness of mind and heart and meditation as well.


Medical Benefits of 17 Mukhi Rudraksha

Stress Reduction: 17 Mukhi Rudraksha is the bead for reducing stress in the wearer as it aligns the natural relationships without conflict and thus when in someone’s life there is no conflict, there is reduced stress.

Blood Circulation: This divine bead is associated with improved blood circulation. The 17 Mukhi Rudraksha is believed to have a positive impact on cardiovascular health, promoting better circulation and contributing to the overall health of the wearer.

Immune System: Embracing the 17 Mukhi Rudraksha is believed to boost the immune system. The bead's energies are thought to enhance the body's natural defense mechanisms, promoting better health and resilience against various illnesses.


Lifestyle Benefits of 17 Mukhi Rudraksha

Style and Spirituality Together: Beyond its spiritual significance, the 17 Mukhi Rudraksha adds a touch of spirituality to your lifestyle. Wearing it as a pendant effortlessly integrates the sacred into your daily attire, allowing you to carry the blessings of Goddess Katyayani with grace.

Positive Energy Amplification: Incorporating the 17 Mukhi Rudraksha into your lifestyle is a way to amplify positive energies. The bead is believed to radiate vibrations that create a harmonious environment, influencing your mindset and promoting a positive outlook on life.

Protection: Make a statement of protection and well-being by adorning the 17 Mukhi Rudraksha. This sacred bead is considered a powerful talisman, acting as a shield against negative influences and promoting a sense of security in your day-to-day life.

Holistic Well-Being: Embrace the 17 Mukhi Rudraksha as more than an accessory; let it be a symbol of holistic well-being. Its influence extends beyond the spiritual realm, aligning with your lifestyle to create a balanced and harmonious existence.


Astrological Benefits of 17 Mukhi Rudraksha

Planetary Balance: The 17 Mukhi Rudraksha is revered for its astrological significance in aligning planetary influences. It is believed to bring balance to the celestial forces, offering a harmonious cosmic alignment that can positively impact one's astrological chart.

Mitigation of Bad Influences: Wearing the 17 Mukhi Rudraksha is considered an astrological remedy for mitigating the effects of malefic planets. The bead's energies are believed to pacify adverse planetary influences, offering protection and guidance during challenging astrological periods.

Increased Spiritual Connection: In astrology, the 17 Mukhi Rudraksha is associated with enhanced spiritual connections and higher consciousness. It is believed to strengthen the wearer's connection with celestial realms, facilitating a deeper understanding of astrological influences and fostering spiritual growth aligned with cosmic energies.


Who Should Wear 17 Mukhi Rudraksha?

Marriage Counsellors: Professionals dealing with marital counseling can benefit from the harmonizing energies of the 17 Mukhi Rudraksha, promoting understanding and balance in their clients' relationships.

Architects: Given the bead's association with Lord Vishvakarma, architects can wear the 17 Mukhi Rudraksha to enhance their creativity, craftsmanship, and attention to detail in architectural endeavors.

Wedding Planners: Individuals involved in planning weddings can embrace the 17 Mukhi Rudraksha for its positive influence on marital harmony, ensuring the success and happiness of the ceremonies they organize.

Couple Therapists: Professionals specializing in couples therapy can wear the 17 Mukhi Rudraksha to enhance their ability to guide and support couples in resolving conflicts and building stronger, more fulfilling relationships.

Interior Designers: Like architects, interior designers can benefit from the bead's connection to Lord Vishvakarma, incorporating the 17 Mukhi Rudraksha to infuse spaces with positive energies and aesthetic balance.

Jewellery Designers: Crafters of jewelry, especially those designing pieces with a focus on marital symbols, can wear the 17 Mukhi Rudraksha for inspiration and to add a spiritual touch to their creations.

Relationship Coaches: Professionals coaching individuals in various aspects of relationships can embrace the 17 Mukhi Rudraksha for its potential to amplify positive energies and foster healthier connections.

Vastu Consultants: Vastu consultants can wear the 17 Mukhi Rudraksha to enhance their abilities in aligning spaces with positive energies, especially in matters related to marital harmony and architectural balance.

Real Estate Developers: Professionals involved in real estate development can wear the 17 Mukhi Rudraksha to bring auspicious energies to their projects, promoting harmony and success in architectural endeavors.

Event Planners: Event planners focusing on extravagant and materialistic events can benefit from the 17 Mukhi Rudraksha's energies, promoting success and fulfillment in their endeavors, aligning with worldly desires.


Who Should Avoid Wearing 17 Mukhi Rudraksha?

Non-Believers: Individuals who do not believe in or follow spiritual practices may not find value in wearing the 17 Mukhi Rudraksha, as its benefits are rooted in spiritual and metaphysical beliefs.

Unrelated to Marriage, Materialism, and Architecture: Those in professions entirely unrelated to marriage, materialistic desires, or architecture may not derive specific benefits from wearing the 17 Mukhi Rudraksha, as its energies are particularly attuned to these aspects.

People Who Are Satisfied With What They Have: If someone is content with their current marital, material, and architectural circumstances, they may not feel the need to wear the 17 Mukhi Rudraksha, as its energies are often sought for positive influences in these specific areas.



In conclusion, the 17 Mukhi Rudraksha stands as a profound symbol of spiritual significance deeply rooted in Hindu traditions. This divine bead, with its 17 facets, is believed to harness the blessings of Goddess Katyayani and Lord Vishvakarma, making it a potent talisman for those seeking harmony in marriage, architectural endeavors, and materialistic pursuits. Its origins, traced to the tears of Goddess Katyayani during her penance, highlight the bead's celestial connection and its role in seeking divine intervention in matters of the heart.

Wearing the 17 Mukhi Rudraksha is not merely a ritual but a transformative journey. It finds resonance in the lifestyles of marriage counselors, architects, and those desiring materialistic fulfillment. The bead's astrological benefits, stress-alleviating properties, and role as a conflict-resolution talisman further contribute to its holistic appeal.

As a spiritual companion, the 17 Mukhi Rudraksha transcends its physical form, becoming a conduit for enhanced spiritual connections and a symbol of protection. Whether adorning the bead for its astrological alignments, seeking marital bliss, or enhancing one's lifestyle, the 17 Mukhi Rudraksha encapsulates the essence of spiritual wisdom and divine grace in the rich tapestry of Hindu spirituality. Embrace its energies, and let the sacred vibrations guide you on a path of enlightenment, balance, and enduring spiritual fulfillment.


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