Navratri Special

Pray to the Goddess Durga and Celebrate the Navratri Puja!

To remember Maa Durga’s triumph over the demon Mahishasura, Navratri is celebrated, representing the victory of goodwill and dharma over ego and evil. The festival is celebrated throughout the country in different ways. Our special festival kit contains what you would need Goddess to please Durga.

This is the full collection of Puja Samagri used at any time during the festival of Durga Puja and Navratri. Among the most important Hindu festivals, Navratri is an auspicious festival celebrated throughout the country with great zeal and devotion; it is a holy festival celebrated for nine consecutive days to honor nine different forms of the Goddess Durga. It’s a long time of solemnity and fasting, purification, and introspection.

Navratri Festival Special Puja Items

We have Goddess Durga idols, Navratri decoration items, Mata ki chunari, mala, and, special decoration items. We also offer special pooja, havan, Nav Chandi Paath packages. The rituals are performed by our priests to bless you during the nine-day festival.


9 Mukhi Rudraksha (Nepali)

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₹ 3,822.00  ₹ 4,200.00

9 Mukhi Gauri Shankar Rudraksha (Nepali)

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₹ 7,735.00  ₹ 8,500.00

Rosary & Mala


Rudraksha Customized Solution