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Dimensions: 15CM (H)*11CM(L)*4Cm(W)

Material Used: Terracotta Clay & Herbal Colors

Made In Varanasi..!!

Lord Buddha sat under a Banyan Tree for 40 days to meditate and find a reason for human pains and its solution. Lord Buddha opened his eyes after 40 days of meditation as he believed he had attained the solution to cure the sufferings of the people. He continued sitting under the same tree and tried to disperse his thoughts among his subjects. He used to keep his right palm in a blessing manner and the other towards himself for maintaining his negative side to himself only.

This is an idol of Lord Buddha sitting under a Bodhi Tree, trying to impart his knowledge among his subjects. This is made purely out of Terracotta Clay and is painted with a mix of herbal colors and color made out of natural grasses.

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